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  1. I refrained from checking all of them, of course I would want everything ... but I believe it is more useful to list only our most needed items ... for me it was these: Artificial Intelligence (AI) improvements Airfield Air Traffic Control (ATC) Multi-threading Mission editor improvements For the Mission Editor improvements, my most wished for items are: - Expanded Static Templates, include triggers and trigger zones. - Add comments fields to document our triggers logic. - Expand Group Templates, so that they can include Static objects and more than one Group. - Organize Group Templates on separate files, for easier sharing ... currently they are all within a single LUA file. now, lets hope that ED management sees this thread.
  2. I see that you are using your own kneeboard bindings, instead of [ ] and RShift+K .... make sure that your bindings don't conflict with the ones of the UI Layer section: The UI Layer has several bindings that are used only in VR, make sure that there are no duplicates with bindings of the M-2000C section.
  3. For me, as a user, I would prefer that you just update the current entry with the updated file and reword the description to let user know that it's an updated version ... this way you get to preserve the download statistics and dont confuse the user with several entries for the same Campaign. Take this one as a good example: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301137/
  4. most likely, the system is trying to boot from the SSD instead of booting from the HDD. Check the boot order on the bios.
  5. Hi. I don't really know, it was just a guess. Hope you find what's going on.
  6. Attach your dcs.log to gather more clues.
  7. It won't fix issues caused by Mods that the OP might have installed at /Saved Games/DCS/
  8. You probably have enabled the historic filter, which will show only aircrafts that were in service on the year of your mission's date. Also, this feature is only for official Modules, so any user Mod will not show when the filter is enabled, irrespective of the date. The filter looks like a clock:
  9. The problem is that the Mirage has had several redesigns of its control bindings during the last few years, so your custom bindings are conflicting with the modules changed defaults. My Mirage looks like this: The easiest way to fix this, is to delete your custom bindings and re-create them anew. For this, go to /saved games/DCS/Config/Input/ and delete the M-2000C folder (you can also rename it, say to M-2000C.bak, just to be safe). Then start DCS and bind the controls as you like.
  10. I'm not from the ED team, but yes, most likely is someone trying to enter your account. It could be someone that is returning to dcs, had a very similar User Nickname, and doesn't remember it correctly. I don't.
  11. Then attach your dcs.log to look for more clues ... on my DCS I have no issue with my carrier missions.
  12. Even so, I think it is the most powerful Sim Editor that I've ever used ... and this particular case was just a matter of using the correct Trigger Action.
  13. Hi @firmek Thanks for this useful customization, I use it everyday on my DCS When you get the chance, can you please update it to include the Mi-24P ? I've tried to edit it myself, but the Hind uses a different approach than the other aircrafts and have not been able to make it work. The default Mi-24 movement allows too much movement from back to front, allowing the head to be placed behind the seat Best regards, Eduardo
  14. Hi, OK, I reviewed your mission and found that the trigger logic is OK ... the problem lies with the "Group Deactivate" action, as it is more or less the same as killing the group. You can't re-activate a deactivated Group. Instead, I suggest that you use the "GROUP AI OFF" and "GROUP AI ON" actions. A Group with AI OFF will stop all movement, sensor operations and will not engage in combat. I edited your mission so that the test unit only moves when the other unit is within the zone, to test the concept. Hopefully you can use that to enable/disable your SAM units. TEST ATTIVA DISATTIVA GRUPPO.miz
  15. Hi. Attach the mission to give it a look.
  16. If I can't really notice the size difference by eye when a civil aircraft is besides me in the Sim, then this is just a non-issue for me and won't nitpick about it .. I'm just glad to have these aircrafts in DCS and grateful to the people behind this.
  17. ¿? Its the other way around .. if you attach your mission where this type of trigger doesn’t work, I will take a look at it.
  18. Haven’t you seen the many missions for those Maps that are already on User’s Files? ... seems plenty of mission designers can come up with interesting missions in spite those areas not being on the map.
  19. Hopefully .... a Phantom, I’d kill to have one
  20. Frankly, not what I was expecting to find here, given the thread title I'm getting old too, and sometimes I think on what will happen to my gaming rig and DCS aircrafts once I get old enough to lack enough strenght to work my Hotas, or my sight gets progresively worse I also sometimes think if the community will remember me once I'm gone, believe it or not, I sometimes came across the work of people no longer here, like the A-4E or Lilkiki's Mods, and say a small thank-you prayer for them, as I get to enjoy their work. Wish you the best, and let's hope ED concedes your wish Eduardo
  21. Seems like your rig is GPU limited, so most likely a DCS improvement in threading alone will not really benefit you. Currently DCS uses two threads: one for sound work and the other for everything else.
  22. Hi, I'm really glad that reinstalling the firmware worked this time If you are referring to the clicking noise that the throttle produces when going from OFF to IDLE and from MIL to AB, then that noise is not produced by the potentiometer, but by small ridges on the throtle mechanism. Here is an article that describes how to modify the throttle to eliminate those ridges if you want: http://cougar.flyfoxy.com/mods.php#detents If you are going to the trouble of opening the throttle, you might as well replace the old potentiometer with a hall sensor manufactured by the user @rel4y .. they are pretty inexpensive and the improvement in axis response is well worth it, you will aprreciate it when doing Air-Air refueling and formation flying. Most likely not, just dont bind them to anything within DCS. No, there is no way to deactivate them (that I know of). I wouldn't convert the Throttle to USB, as there will came a time when you may want to trade-in the Cougar and it is worth more if it is in original condition. Best regards, Eduardo
  23. Please, discard first option (2) above, as upgrading firmware using old utility software is not really reccomended. The Firmware updater is a software tool that cames within the Cougar driver, look for it within the /Program Files/Hotas/ folder, it is called HOTASupdate.exe You may have to run it in Admin mode (right click the file and select Properties -> compatibility tab The update should be done with the Throttle disconnected. Here is a waktrough: http://cougar.flyfoxy.com/foxyflash.php
  24. Guess I'm used to DCS and its quirks, so, I actually love that it is possible to add custom objects to the Sim without ever touching its official files .. makes it quite safe to customize. ED allows you to move the game files wherever you want without worrying about copy protection, it also allows you to change the game language easily, you can customize the name of your settings folder, it cames with a very effective repair tool that does away with the need to re-install the game to solve problems, like happen with so many other Sims.
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