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  1. Really? an aircraft with no Air-Air radar? Any real fighter, like the F-14, F-15, F-16 or F/A-18 will kill the Viggen from a far longer range than its Sidewinders, before the viggen has even seen its enemy.
  2. I'm amazed at what little it takes to push some people away from DCS ..
  3. But what is the point of using an attack aircraft as a dogfighter ? it kills realism.
  4. At least for me, DCS is a simulator ... not a game
  5. What's the point of using a study-sim then?
  6. ED should update soon the stated requirements of this Sim, as it currently says that Windows 7 is OK for a minimal setup: "Minimum system requirements (LOW graphics settings): OS 64-bit Windows 7/8/10;"
  7. Oh well, there goes my suggestion. Regarding your rant about the appalling editor, have you tried the editors of the other big-bucks Sims that are out there? .. those are truly appaling or even non-existant. Of course DCS Editor could be better, but I'm good with it .. when I find a defficiency I have just to look beyond the fence to calm down and realize that we actually have one of the very best game editors on the market.
  8. The Supercarrier includes the Kuznetsov 2017 for use with the Su-33, give it a try:
  9. Sadly, it is the only surviving example: Chile received 12 P-47D on 1947 and a further 17 on 1953. They served on FACH's Groups 2 and 11 and the surviving aircrafts were retired from service on April 1959. Best regards, Eduardo
  10. Beautiful liveries, also a nice touch to include a bit of their history ... wish I had your photoshop abilities, to do something similar with my country's Thunderbolts (tough Chilean aircrafts were all post war and never saw combat). Cheers.
  11. Not so, you can still create sound mods ... what you can't do is simply edit sound samples created by ED, you need to provide your own samples.
  12. ED should delete the old manual from the /doc folder, as it causes confusion among some users.
  13. Why re-download? ... just logoff, do the swap and logon after. However, you may need to check the Config/Input hotas files, as your USB IDs will change with the new motherboard.
  14. Hi, The devices are listed on the file \F14|Cockpit\devices.lua Here is an Excel sheet with the same data: Eduardo F-14B.xlsx
  15. Didnt knew that fact. Looking forward to that bird and your missions
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