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  1. Here is a basic setup for DCS: And attached, a short summary of the GPS operation, taken from a real Mi-8 manual. NS 430 Summary.pdf
  2. Thanks a lot, it works for me: Also, fortunately the two added files don't seem to impact the Integrity Check .. I went online and was able to connect and play on several public servers. Thanks a lot for the fix. Eduardo
  3. Do this and you may be able to open it: tough it still wont let the mission run.
  4. Are you using Windows 7? .. the changelog states "Please note that DCS does not support Windows 7 anymore. You will continue to be able to enjoy your existing version but all 2.7 updates will not install."
  5. Same here, I will contact the Mod's author ( @voc ) to see if he can fix it by removing the reference to that shader (if it is possible).
  6. While you wait for ED to fix this, why don't you add an exception to your Antivirus, so that it ceases to check DCS's folders?
  7. Here is the latest training mission that I'm editing for the A-29B .. undergoing testing on DCS 2.7 .. the clouds look really nice: I expect to finish testing this one tomorrow, and afterwards I will stop editing new missions for a while, and instead re-test the previous ones to make sure that they do work on 2.7 Best regards, Eduardo
  8. Hello, Just wanted to report that this Bug is still present under the latest DCS 2.7 I re-tested this today, encouraged for the very similar fix that Razbam delivered for the ADF Radio tuning keybindings, but unfortunately this similar bug still persists Eduardo
  9. Hello, Just wanted to report that this bug has finally been solved on DCS 2.7 ... the tuning dial can now be turned using the keyboard. Pity that the tuning crank animation does not work when using keyboard, the crank only animates when tuning with the Mouse, but that's a small detail and I won't complain about it Thanks Razbam, you can mark this thread as [SOLVED] Eduardo
  10. No problem at all, hopefully ED will grant you your wish someday.
  11. Testing the Tucano on DCS 2.7 .... the Clouds are gorgeous, pity that they take away around 25% of my fps
  12. Yes, I've just checked the store and you are totally right .. I purchased mine right after watching the pre-purchase video, and on that place the expected date was quite clear: But on the Store there is no mention of this expected date .. pinging @BIGNEWY so that he can send a heads-up to the Store manager. So, my apologies for coming on you too strong Best regards, Eduardo
  13. Hello. Just wanted to report that this has been solved on the latest DCS 2.7 released today: As the figure shows, now this condition accepts decimal values thanks a lot ED. @BIGNEWY please, mark as SOLVED Best regards, Eduardo
  14. Strange, it works on my rig .. tough I find it a bit too loud.
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