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  1. extract and paste the files in "Lock On\Bazar\TempTextures" folder. http://www.rf13.net/TURK.rar
  2. Yesterday I DL two track files and in both of them the player exploded suddenly. Then, late night I was recording a track in multiplayer. Me and the other player took off and flew for app 5min. After the flight I opened the track file and, for my surprise, his plane goes straight to the grass and explodes before take off. Is it some kind of track bug or what?
  3. thank you, what about the tga file, any guess?
  4. I need to change the F3 view angels, but I can't find its lines in lua files. Any help? (btw, how to remove russian stars tga file on the IL-58? It's not nomera.tga)
  5. Mitch Janssen, author of "Overcast_Cloud-Mod_II", your email and website are outdated. Please contact me at adm@rf13.net
  6. thanks, hitman. correction: website is www.rf13.net
  7. cool, but what about the pictures/videos?
  8. not photoshoped, its a real pic.. from strizhi http://pilot.strizhi.info/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/img_6559_sm.jpg
  9. it's a tiny golden layer to protect the pilot from radar radiation. what i really dont know is why some F-16s have it and others don't. also, why the front part of the plexiglass does not have this layer (ie: EA-6B and MiG-29K acfts). ?
  10. tell me, was this painter drunk or he painted the acft w/ t cockpit opened? lol... http://www.imagebeaver.com/view.php?mode=gallery&g=446750&photo=1
  11. TIGROU-STE, please read this: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=26338
  12. You probably remember me from some time ago when I posted a few Lock On videos and launched my website " rf-13.com ". Some people wanted to know if they can join my Squadron but I stated that it's only a ficticious squadron and I'm the "only member" of it. Others wanted to download the skins but I said they are for my personal use. And all of a sudden there's a guy in ORKUT community ( http://www.orkut.com ) claiming he is a member of the squadron, and other times using my name to sign posts/comments, using my images with watermarks covered, and he even linked to a youtube movie made by TIGRO
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