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  1. I saw that earlier as well. cool. I'll give it a whirl this evening.
  2. Just a follow-up after a few flights with this control. Just awesome! thank you Mikhail! It only took me a few minutes to adjust from using TM Warthog throttle, to the Mikhail "collective". I've been flying the Mi-8, and just love having this control. Really gives me a sense of flying a chopper. My overall rating thus far for this control/collective: Excellent! Would I recommend the Mikhail collective?: Hell Yes! Out of the box, it's ready to rock for the Mi-8. All tuned, and ready to go! Mikhail also provides recommended settings and curves for the Huey.
  3. gracias! really appreciated M8!
  4. I've also installed, but won't be able to test out until this evening. As SOH noted, I wasn't really seeing any stuttering issues, even when using the punk driver. But I'll give this one a whirl....
  5. that alone would rate two snaps up! sure hope so. thanks for the heads up.
  6. that F-86 looks awesome! are you able to share it? would love to have a copy and fly with it.
  7. and very appreciated buddy! I love the Jug. She's my go too WWII bird!
  8. exactly, one of the smoothest business transactions I've made. Mikhail is great! I paid on Dec 24th, and he dropped it off for shipment on the 25th. For me, placement of the order on the 24th, and I received the control on Jan 14th. YMMV.
  9. I guess I kinda went ape sh*t on the NVMe's. My O/S is one, DCS and flight sims are on a second, and I have my swapfile on a third. Plus, I'm using a Samsung SSD (2TB), for my Steam "junk" file/games... Yes, i had to do a delicate dance to avoid "gimping" any of my bus/lane speeds, which I have. My config is an overkill? sure, but I love it.... As much as I have invested in this hobby, it's insane...
  10. Just delivered today via Santa Claus, who stopped by Moscow to pick this up. Overall, took about 3 1/2 weeks for shipment. Very well boxed and secured. I'll be trying out my new control this weekend. thanks K-51!!!!
  11. If your sig is current with your rig, going from a CV1 to G2, you betcha!
  12. hoping you feel better now, getting that all out. I can sense and feel it too! honest, we do. But indeed, each rig is different, and thus requires some unique tweaks. my Rift S remains "plan b". But I've been very happy with the G2. BN's thread has been very helpful with further opening up the discussion and info exchange.
  13. Indeed, my Rift S served me well over the course of its duty cycle. But I'm very happy with my current G2. Hope you get your replacement soon!
  14. Like you buddy, I love mine too. Ain't gonna give 'er up. Regardless, I'm following this thread. Interesting info/input!
  15. Whoa, what broke? Just doesn't power up anymore? (Hence, I'm keeping my Rift S as a backup, in case my G2 has any issues over the course of the warranty, Yikes!)
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