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  1. that was such an awesome game for it's time... Which I played on a Tandy 486. I remember buying a HDD from Hard Drives International, 20MB's, or something like that. I thought that was the cat's @$$.... My first computer was a Timex Sinclair.... I think it was 1982....
  2. I'm sure fholger is going to dissect this capability
  3. Congrats, you'll love it!
  4. I went with the 3090, because I wanted more VRAM for VR. I spend about 90% of the time on my VR rig, flying DCS, followed by the other combat sim and M$. I count my blessing's that I was able to score a 3090FE at MSRP. No way in heck I'd reward scalpers.
  5. Wonderful! thank you to all that have contributed to bring this all together. really appreciate your labor of love efforts! fantastic mod!
  6. that would be great, the "G3".
  7. I've got it installed. Nothing special of note. Everything is working fine. my specs, in my sig.
  8. In my DCS virtual world, it's gonna be hammer time with the Bearcat!
  9. I went this route. 1st NVMe has the O/S and common desktop apps. 2nd NVMe is dedicated to the VR flights sims. And because I had the 3rd NVMe slot available, my 3rd is for swap (for now). I have a fourth SSD, (2 TB), that I dump all of my Steam and other games onto... But if you have 2 drives, go with what Rudel_chw noted. the O/S and swap on the 1st, and dedicate the 2nd drive for DCS.
  10. and of course I had to order the Apache, she's literally built right down the road from me...
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