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  1. The truth is that no one knows how stealthy F22 really is and how much advantage it has over other systems until they will be in a real conflict against some serious up to date platforms. This is why pilots need to be trained for dogfights. Even the US that knows exactly what RCS the F22 has does not know exactly what counter actions the other side might have that might void the stealth advantage. From frequencies used to MIMO detection arrays etc. To tell the truth I really don't get the idea of F22 deployment since its cost is astronomical in comparison and since you can easily develop a sys
  2. I am reading on news that the flight was at 200feet, there are also youtube videos of the incident but I cant make out the airplane tough you can hear the AAA firing and the people pointing almost horizontally (presuming they show the plane) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zofoEWJWeJE I hope the pilots are OK but what the hell were they doing flying such an aggressive route? showing off for themselves or showing off for Turkey?
  3. Now you do that on purpose, I would really love to see the 23 model. In my heart it wins hands down the raptor.....:cry: IRIS: YF-23 would be awesome!
  4. OK thank you for your time, much appreciated. I just hope that as a server I will not have to purchase vendors model so my clients will be able to fly them in my missions.
  5. So I can allow for Cool Cat's F15E and ban Hot Dog's F15E without having purchased either?
  6. OK so there is such a mechanism to "bann" certain models or to "allow" only certain models? excuse my ignorance but I haven't had the chance to install dcs world.
  7. this is something that should be included in the mission builder, to allow for model fluctuations (so you don't always fly with 100% plane). But the question still remains, what is the limit of allowing different models of the same airframe. Don't stick on the 20knott difference but think of the principle.
  8. lets say that producer A decides to do an X-wing and its accepted into DCS and then a producer B decides to do the X-wing again and is also accepted into the world. there will be some differences between the two, just for argument shake lets say they will have a 20knot difference in max speed or a slightly different turning rate. How will DCS handle this situation? a) you will allow both? b) you will only allow the more accurate? c) ...????
  9. xhaos

    Developer Diary

    You are starting to make me believe that I will get my hands on the hawk sooner rather than later:)
  10. Great news but I have to ask, are the different tanche versions going to be sold separately or we will buy EF2000 once and get the updates as you push them out the door?
  11. there you have it written between the lines, multiplatform. I am going through my second decade as a developer having worked on both C++ and on Java almost equally. And its my personal expirience that just as an organization will ask you to develop in C++ because all their codebase is there, programmers will also boost the appeal of the language they are using just because they already have invested so much time and effort in mastering it and its a nightmare to pay the emotional cost to "re learn". Yes I know that you don't restart from scratch, but you do loose some years of experience whe
  12. no teflon grease will not stay, you would need to mod it in such a way that you build like a bathtub and fill it with grease so that the join is always submerged in it. What needs to be done is that you should cut the plastic parts and replace them with polished iron.
  13. Though this is a old thread, keep in mind how friction works. There are two kinds of friction applied to this scenarios. Static friction, when you try to move the stick but haven't managed to get it going yet, and kinetic friction when the stick is already moving. The problem is that for any given surfaces and lubricant, static friction is always higher than kinetic. To overcome this problem, where "infinite" smoothness is required, you need to use materials that have the same static and kinetic friction coefficients. A good such material though probably not the best is polished iron and p
  14. I had asked in some post long time ago, and ED had responded that the open beta method was a positive experience. So chances are they will repeat it.
  15. the biggest problem I can see is where anyone will find programming folk that know equally well DirX programming and openGL to reprogram everything. It will be a huge waste of resources. A linux server on the other hand that only supports the synchronization of the clients and the netcode and the mission / campaign might be doable.
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