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  1. I also confirm this, and I see it happen most often in grid 38T (mostly when I'm playing Instant Action - Easy Georgia Spring, or Operation Save Badger). Is there something wonky with this area of the map?
  2. The condition for the tank spawn trigger is "Flag 1 is on". Flag 1 gets set to "on" when either paratrooper on at the BRIDGE waypoint takes damage. It's interesting how ED did this, actually. Since there's no way for them to detect if the bridge is blown up, they instead check to see if the infantry on the bridge go down. In the non-modified version of this mission, the SAM is actually visible BEFORE the tank-spawn trigger. Once the bridge is destroyed, the tanks and AAA spawn at the TANKS waypoint, and that's when the wingman ignores orders to engage air defense. Here's another interesting thing... For seemingly no reason, the fix I posted above stopped working for me on some subsequent test runs (I was actually trying to double-check that JTAC was working at the COLUMN waypoint). So, I decided to delete the SAM and AAA at the TANKS waypoint, create a new group called "TANKS Air Defense Fixed" and populate that one group with both the SAM and AAA, being careful to place them back exactly where the originals were to keep the mission as true to the original as possible. I also made it late activation to keep with the original mission. This seems to have fixed it. I'm attaching my modified version of the mission. I just applied the bug-fixes described above -- no gameplay changes, tempted as I was to lower the fuel to 50%. Place this in your aircrafts\A-10C\Missions\EN\QuickStart directory. If you got the game on Steam like I did, the full path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DCSWorld\Mods\aircrafts\A-10C\Missions\EN\QuickStart Easy - East Georgia - Spring.miz
  3. Alright, I found exactly what was wrong and fixed the mission. Here's what you need to do: 1. Select each Russian unit except for the trucks at the SUPPLY waypoint and click the "Late Activation" check box. 2. Go to the triggers menu and find the TANK SPAWN trigger. Add an ACTION and select GROUP ACTIVATE, setting SA9 as the group to activate. Wingman now behaves correctly and takes out air defenses at the TANKS waypoint. Although, on my first run through, he stupidly got hit by the SAM and dumped all his weapons, then refused my order to engage the AAA with guns :devil_2: (yes, I am an evil flight lead. MUHUAHAHHA!) On my second run though, he successfully engaged all targets, SAM, AAA, and tanks, at the TANK waypoint.
  4. Oh, I confirm exactly what the OP is observing. In DCS A-10C in DCS World, purchased on Steam, version 1.2.6. Easy Comms enabled, everything else on Simulation settings. In the Instant Action mission, Easy - Georgia Spring, my wingman will not engage targets at the TANK waypoint. At the TANK wp, I search for a target with my TGP, make it my SPI, share my SPI with DMS left long, and then ask my wingman to engage air defense targets with missile at my SPI. He will acknowledge, maneuver, and then simply state "2 - rejoin" without engaging, despite having 4 Mavericks still available on his wings. After doing multiple experimental runs, I confirm that if I personally destroy the SAM and AAA, then a new command of "engage armor at my SPI with missile" or "guided bomb" will work fine. The wingman functions fine at any other waypoint in the mission. I'm going into the mission editor to see what's wrong. I noted earlier that the IR SAM isn't "Group Activated" by a trigger. I wonder what happens if I add that in...
  5. GG, hypersonik! If anyone else wants to join tomorrow night, send me a PM or reply below.
  6. Cool. Sent you a PM. Check your inbox.
  7. Hey, everyone! I'm fairly new to flight sims in general, but I've got the basics down in DCS A-10. I recently completed "Operation Save Badger" (great mini-campaign, btw) and I'd love to run some co-op missions. I just tried out multiplayer and I didn't get a sense that people were ready to try out some team-play, like sharing target info over SADL, or buddy lasing, simultaneous attacks, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, I looked at a couple virtual squadrons, and not that there's anything wrong with them, per se, but I'm not looking for quite that hard-core of a commitment. I don't necessarily consider DCS a completely casual game, but is there anyone else out there on the more casual side who just wants to drop a few paveways and JDAMs, laugh, share some tips, and have fun without turning it into a job? Post below and let's go! For starters, I'll sign on tonight around 6 PM (GMT -7, Mountain Time). I have TeamSpeak installed but I'm not running a server.
  8. Look at your MFCD in the lower right hand corner. You'll see a message in reverse video (usually black text on white background saying "CHECK EO TIME" which means your Maverick seeker has been on a long time.)
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