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  1. This happens in single player also. I fix it using TMS aft to break lock and then TMS fwd again to lock with the HMCS. Usually fixes it on the first re-lock.
  2. Right now I've found the fastest way to get sensors on target if you don't have a Maverick is: Press SP on TGP (snowplow) Ensure zoom is all the way out (for faster slewing) Turn F-16 nose toward target of opportunity TMS up to ground stabilize TGP and allow slewing Slew TGP to target. There's a cue on the HUD in the form of a boxed dot [.], and assuming you have eyes on the TOO this is the best way to get TGP in the right vicinity If you do have a Maverick, it's even faster: On the SMS page of the Maverick, select VIS mode DMS
  3. Seems like that would be useful for a wild weasel role. Any idea if that is carried for F-16 SEAD/DEAD?
  4. Are you sure a MWS or MAW needs active radar or even a passive radar receiver at all? The A-10C has the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AN/AAR-47_Missile_Approach_Warning_System which just detects UV emissions from the rocket motor. I'm not sure if our DCS F-16 bl 50 is supposed to have a launch warning, but I can confirm that I do in fact get a launch warning from an SA-10. Whether that's accurate to real life I'm not qualified to answer.
  5. I believe I read that the A-10C has a very detailed ground terrain altitude database, so combining that with aircraft position and attitude data, the TGP can ground stabilize and the aircraft can calculate impact points for munitions. Is that correct? And does the Viper have the same database, or does it use ground radar to achieve this? Or something else?
  6. Yes, I get launch warnings against the SA-10. I thought missile launch warnings were based on detecting emissions from the missile's booster, so it wouldn't matter what kind of guidance is being used.
  7. Full brakes is currently causing lockup and the viper steers right. If you're using pedals, try around 80% braking force. If you are using keyboard, try holding much less than 2 seconds. Another thread on this forum suggested anti-skid isn't implemented right now and possibly could be fixed later, helping us with maintaining control on rollout.
  8. IRL an SA-10 site will have multiple launchers that are spread out and away from the tracking radars. If the mission designer follows this philosophy, then taking out the launchers is hard because they aren't emitters, so your HARM won't home in on them, and they can be hidden. And the whole site would have way more than 6 shots
  9. Yeah it's a bear right now to attack targets of opportunity. I've been trying to get better at BORE mode, but really even the original A-10C is much better with getting the TGP on a pop up target. And with the A-10C II it is almost instantaneous.
  10. Yes, this happens to me. I have to switch to the SMS, change weapons, then I can go back to WPN and switch to PRE/VIS/BORE.
  11. Monitor quality makes a big difference in being able to see the lights. I noticed a huge improvement when I upgraded earlier this year to a monitor with a brightness rating of 350 cd/m2. That and zooming in helps too.
  12. The brakes seem to cause me to swerve off course more than usual in this version, yes.
  13. There's a standing joke that DCS stands for "Digital Cockpit Simulator" for this reason. I have hopes that the dynamic campaign the devs are working on resolves this problem. Recon and fog of war would be a welcome addition. As it is, you look at the mission planner and see exactly where enemy units are unless the mission designer had the foresight to use the hide function.
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