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  1. Thanks that worked for me too - brilliant Best forum on the net Denis B :thumbup:
  2. Thanks for quick reply bighuey will try this.
  3. Thanks for all your help will try scenario Denis
  4. Which scenario do I choose that puts the Huey in a cold and dark situation for me to practice cold starts? Bit confused. All the best Denis Brown
  5. bursco


    Thankyou very much sir and leaving the collective alone has made it a different helo. Made an old man feel young again. Will now have to practice - thanks again. Denis B :pilotfly: Test1.trk
  6. bursco


    Here is the track - but its nothing like what you describe - it would appear that a lot is self induced and proves I'm struggling with this and may have to wait for a better joystick. I did'nt have these probs when flying my RC helos they appeared to be stable - must be my age. Thanks for very quick replies and help. Denis B :helpsmilie: Test.trk
  7. bursco


    I have tried but cannot get a reasonable hover like those in the vids. Just runs away with me and tries to turn turtle. Have tried various curve and saturation settings etc. Using satek x52 pro with saitek pedals. Have no probs with ka50 - well maybe little ones - but nothing like the Huey probs. Using Huey sim in options - is there a trim like the ka50 for the Huey? Will I be better reinstalling DCS World and all modules. Any help appreciated Denis B
  8. You can do this yourself - adjust the saturation setting in the axis options. Nate Can you explain the saturation settings plz sir? Denis
  9. Having similar probs with saitek52pro, works stable in KA50 and Su plane. Also works with FSX Dodo. Can't find a hover point runs away with me. Anyone with settings for pro - have googled everywhere - maybe my flying? Denis. :pilotfly::pilotfly:
  10. This guy Furia is one of the best tutors I have had the privilege to watch and a superb helo sim pilot.
  11. Coming back to KA-50 after long absence and find this patch, I have ver 1.0 in top right of my options screen. What is best way to update to the new patch please. Have searched forums but maybe not using correct search words. Any help will be appreciated - thanks. Merry Xmas all denis
  12. Its "true" thanks again - will search, maybe reinstall of BS.
  13. I do that but still greyed out - all settings in G940 clibration are set for FF. Will have to keep searching thanks for reply. :thumbup:
  14. I have no FF in BS - the buttons are greyed out when I go to FFTune. Anyone know about this plz.
  15. Have done the reload 4 times and have used up my remaining activations and now on starforce activations. I have re-nstalled BS used the patches - 1a to 1b, DCS-BS_Patch_1.0.1c_EN - everything runs OK up to there and then install 1.2 update and end up with attached errors when I click on start icon for 1.2. It does run but doesn't seem right - slower start up and doesn't seem to interface with FC2(re-nstalled that to) Bought FC2 to try BS in multyplay but it never works - anyone can help at all. :music_whistling: :helpsmilie:
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