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  1. Hello, I'd like to ask if anybody have encountered such problem, that regardless of wind direction setting, the planes always are taxiing to the runway 17, and when there is large plane like C-130 or C-17, he can't pass through the place marked on screenshot, as the hangar stand's too close to the taxi way.
  2. Hello, I can't find any information in forum, nor in ME manual about option I've discovered recently, named "Civil Plane", available in loadout panel. I'd appreciate any information about what functionality covers behind it.
  3. Hey Rene, I observe the same since a while...
  4. @DOC62 Isn't it what You're asking for the menu that appears after RMB pressed? If so, it's just the same as when You double click on the cell, just instead of assigning the action, You can decide what to do with this cell - add combo, tune axis if it's dedicated for it, clear or reset to defaults.
  5. Hello, Is there anyone who know if it is possible and where to change brightness of position lights so it will be even?
  6. Hello, I'd like to ask if this is confirmed, that there's bug regarding compass tape in Cruise mode. In my computer It disappears after switching mode to A-A then using ACM and back to Cruise.
  7. "Stop trying to land it and LAND IT!" to paraphrase Morpheus. Only two things You need to follow, and both are on Your HUD - FPM and E-bracket. Keep the FPM on the runway's threshold, and keep the speed so the FPM is within the E-bracket. That's it.
  8. Hello, I remember from past, that for BS1 and BS2 there was mod that was changing the look of the rotor blades to the blurry one above of some rotation speed. I'd like to have such for the current version, but I can't find any. Does anybody know about such mod, or can give a hint if and how it can be achieved?
  9. Not only in VR, on the screen there's also not enough shade levels in the cockpit lighting.
  10. Add me to the list of people reporting this issue, and looking forward for solution.
  11. Hello, In my mission i have "Couple on Duty" of F-14 and another one pair consisting of F-18 both departing periodically from Theodore Roosevelt (spawned with Moose). While F-18 have no problem to depart every time it's re spawned, one of F-14 planes from the pair gets hung almost always on the launch place, with no deflector in upper position, and marshals doing nothing. I've added also the F10 menu executing Destroy() on the F-14 group, and it seems it helps for the next departure, but next after this one, one plane again have issues with launch. I've exchanged F-14 in that group with
  12. That's why I put static marshals to the right, of the catapults, but then it seems, they're also bugged, as they do not salute back to me ;-)
  13. Hello, Is it in plan, or - if not - would it be possible, to add the message to the user executing command in the situation when template or group used in command is not created/not found?
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