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  1. Hey guys, So I'm slooooooowly getting up to speed with DCS A-10, and I'm trying to figure out the TGP. Basically, I'm able to slew with it fine, and change from track to point no problem. I can even create custom markers that are visible on my HUD when changing my nav to mission way points. What I can't figure out, is how to automatically move my TGP sensor to a premade marker. When I go to the TAD screen, it says the SPI is off. Does this need to be on?
  2. Hi guys, So I've followed the cold startup several times, and every time, just as I'm taxing, the aircraft wants to slightly move right. This is both in taxing and during flight. I make sure my takeoff trim is selected, and when I'm airborne, I reset my trim, but it still wants to bank. Any ideas?
  3. Um, no. JDAM's work exceptionally well at being tossed. In 2006, an F-22 threw a 2,000 pound JDAM 24 miles. The whole point of tossing bombs is to out-range your target - i.e, air defence. Yes, you can loiter and drop JDAM's directly near or above the target (which admittedly is their primary use in Iraq & Afghanistan), but these suckers can be tossed like crazy if they need to be (and if the aircraft is fast enough, of course).
  4. Sweet, dude. That's what I was talking about. I'm so looking forward to this when it comes out.
  5. Hey guys, For those with the beta, it would be cool to youtube a video of the Litening Pod focussed on a strafe. I've seen some real footage of this, I'm curious how it compares.
  6. My problem with the ED terrain engine is that there are multiple textures for different altitudes. It blends the textures depending what altitude you're at. Unfortunately, this often creates blurry transitions when changing altitudes. To be honest, I think FSX handles terrain much better. Ever flown some of the expansion terrain? It's insane.
  7. Wicked video. Imagine if DCS A-10 had audio like that?
  8. That's kind of a lame excuse. Maybe half the market has DX11 now, but where will be in 3 years? I have nothing but love for DCS, but I do find it a tad lame that were using technology that made it's debut in 2003. DX11 has some sweet multicore and tesselation features that would definitley benefit A-10.
  9. Okay, must see this video. Share please.
  10. Are you crazy? 20 years is a lifetime for technology. Even more so considering the rapid rate we're accelerating. In 20 years, you know the difference between simulator and real life.
  11. Well...I gotta cast my vote with the F/A-18 Hornet. Maybe even the super hornet. The flight sim community has been waiting for a proper hornet simulator since the days of Jane's. Come on Eagle, deliver us a sweet, sweet carrier based sim. Either that or the Apache.
  12. Hey, I tried that tool but it won't work. I put the exe in my lockon folder, select the cdds, but nothing extracts... What am I missing?
  13. Is there a way to batch extract multiple textures from a CDDS? I downloaded modman6, but it gives me a dll error everytime I try to open a CDDS with the browser. I can't figure out a way to do this in the Modman5 browser, and the extracttextures.exe at lockonfiles does nothing. Please help...
  14. Dude, no offence but when you post: "ever seening (sic) a video of an F-14 land on a deck inside the cockpit? he doesnt have any sinkrate, he just glides over the wires low enough so they catch." People on a flight sim forum are going to comment. I have seen videos of F-14's land on a carrier, in fact I posted a youtube link, and they do indeed have a sinkrate...obviously. Anyways, I'll see if I can post a track later on.
  15. Could I be anymore jealous? /chanlder bing
  16. Er, say what now? No sinkrate? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waqvkm_4O8E Looks like a nice sinkrate to me.
  17. I'm wondering what setting in the Graphics Editor of Modman controls the loading of textures in the distance. I've increased the sliders on everything but I still get 'unloaded' terrain textures in the distance when flying at about 5,000 ft. Thanks
  18. The thing is, I am in landing mode. I'll post a track recording later tonight...
  19. Yeah, the arrestor hook is down, gear down, good sink rate...blah blah blah... The stupid aircraft goes right through the carrier deck.
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