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  1. You may very well need to rest the Bios the hard way if it still will not boot after making sure as said above that the modules are all inserted properly. To reset the Bios fully,: - unplug the PC from AC - wait 30 secs for caps to drain empty ( might wanna push the start button a few times too ) - put the CLEAR CMOS JUMPER in the CLEAR/SHORT position ( look into youtr manual if unsure where and how ! ) - take the battery out - shorten the battery tray's + and - with a coin or s screwdriver ( Metal ! ) by touching both + and - poles in the tray for 1 minut
  2. I stopped reading this throughly because this thread has drifted into bashing and use of not-so-nice words. If you want others to contribute, calm down all, stay with facts and RESPECT other's point of view and budget. The facts for either side are printed many times on countless pages throughout the web. Let's play it nice guys. Bit
  3. The main differencies are Memory Management, Group Policy and a few others that may or may be a decisive factor for you like RDP, Bitlocker, Trusted Boot, Hyper-V, Sandbox, Domain Membership ( Azure, Exchange 365 etc.. ) In my world, the only thing I do with Home is deinstall and put a Pro on :) A good PSU is a Tier1 CPU, built with top dog parts. Less ripple noise, ultra stable voltages under load and a safety margin of 20+%. My pick for the last 3 years has been Seasonic Prime either Platinum or Titanium, depending on the use case of the customer. Corsair does not built their PSUs
  4. Ahem...again @ 14nm++++ and a heavy TDP add those frequent & famous Intel ME upgrades to the mix and I dare to say AMD is the better choice, given ( as you and many others say ) that they trade blows depending on the game. The consens that I read across those revies is not so much about much higher fps but higher lowest fps and smoother overall gameplay. That counts more than 15fps more, especially if you are into VR.
  5. That 3600-CL20 kit....oh man, who sells 3600 with a CL20 latency ??? That's like a Porsche that comes with 3 cylinders missing. 3600 is usually CL18, better ones have CL16 and real good ones even lower. Never saw a CL20 kit. Anyway, nice testing scenario and I am smiling to see the 6800XT beating Nvidia's 3080. WHo would have thought that 6 weeks ago.
  6. Never mind the board, it's a HP rig with HP components that you likely cannot tune in Bios as you can with Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Asrock etc.. . HP does not want their customers to screw up Bios and then call HelpDesk. That there is a sticker saying "VR-Ready" does not mean it can run all VR Sims that are out there. It is enough to load and enjoy the basics, but DCS is far from basic or moderate in terms of compute power. Make a big bow around such machines in the future if you intend to run heavy VR. YOu need a machine which is likely neither sold by HP or Dell. If it is, it will be A LOT
  7. Why in God's name do you run Win10 HOME edition ??? I mean, this is a real nice rig, no flaws, no cut corners and then that: HOME edition ...leaves me puzzled. There are certain things Home edition cannot do and with such a rig I'd go to ebay and get me a Pro for less than 5€. Another thing, not critical, is the PSU. 850Watts is OK but for such a beefy GPU and multicore CPU I'd have picked a bigger ( 1kW ) and better one ( Platinum or Titanium ). Superflower is a good pick, just for my taste a bigger one would match the overall impression of that PC better. On the other hand, as lon
  8. The adapters Devrim got most likely have a chip inside as afaik there is now other way to "translate" the signal from digital ones and zeroes to analog voltage amplitudes.
  9. Wow, man, that's a nice Workstation, 128GB and 16 cores + a nice NVMe. Top Dog setup
  10. The biggest hurdle right now is not what to buy but what can you actually obtain. many many parts or only available on websites as pictures to glance at but no real stock to buy from and I do not think its going to get better with Xmas and Covid. People buy like crazy for home office or home entertainment.... was looking for a 5900 today, sigh, no luck at all in germany.
  11. I would consider Ryzen 5000 series as their single core performance is higher than Intel's best chip meanwhile, even when you oc that Intel. Read some reviews to get the idea. Variant-2 would also mean new motherboard, you cannot drop a 9900k into a Z270 board ! My pick today if I was you: Gigabyte Aorus X570 Ultra or Master Ryzen-9 5900X 32GB DDR4-3600 CL16 and a fast GPU ...a good cooler ( which you would need for any CPU, AMD or Intel )
  12. The GPU decision should be based on what res you want to use it. Full-HD and a 1660 is ok, for more pixels you should as said above grab a better GPU. Contrary, dont buy 16GB now ( 2x8GB) and then "try" to match another kit 6 months later, you might get a bad suprise. RAM should be purchased in a final kit if you want to avoid any trouble. It may work but it has a high chance of failing too. You should consider a Ryzen5-5600 CPU as well, it's the best bang for the buck far and wide right now, if you get one.
  13. Actually, back in the days I preferred ATI ( now AMD for the younger generation ) over Nvidia just because of that much better visual quality. It was so obvious it was out of question. 2 screens side by side, 1 ATI and 1 Nvidia and it was clear who had the better looking picture.
  14. It's nice to see we actually have a choice now and tbh, either side ain't bad. Imho for gaming the difference is very small, maybe not enough to make a decision based on 130 vs. 134fps, it's more like what else do you do with your PC and how long do you plan to use it before upgrading the main components. Intel is cheaper if you only aim for gaming, if you aim for overall performance the 5000 AMD series has the better options...at a higher price. If you upgrade your GPU often, maybe PCIe v4 is a killer decision point in a year with new GPUs that "may" need v4 to shine. If I upgrade Dec or J
  15. Dual Rank vs. Single Rank I guess. Need to watch the video later today. I got my eye on a 5900X...maybe...and I want my 4x8GB CL16 to work in that combo as per XMP. Let's see near Xmas
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