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  1. CPU's nowadays have a table that lists the best core, lowest voltage for a given speed. The scheduler will always try to use that core. Imho, trying to force a thread to a specific core might have worked on 8700k, 9900k etc.. but I fear with Ryzen's and 12thgen Intel we better leave ProcessLasso aside for the said reasons, overheating, Caching, etc.. you gain 5% here and loose 20% over there as a result.
  2. I successfully run a 4 module kit as a 4x2 Rank setup and it only got faster when tested under full load when overclocked. If there was a slowdown at least one of the tests should have stated that but none did. The more I pushed the RAM the more performance it delivers. XMP is 3200 14-14-14-34-1T ; G.Skill F4-3200C14-16GVK 64GB, 4x16 module, 2R. I can just UP the Volts to 1.45v and crank the speed to 3600MHz while keeping the nice CL values. I can also do 3600-16-16-16-36-1T @ 1.40v but latency drops anyother 4-5ns below 60ns if I stick with 1.45v and CL14-14... and 3600MHz at CL16 vs CL14. There is a difference but very small, mostly latency drops as said above and throughput stays above 53GB/sec for r/w/c which is slightly higher than the CL16 values. Also, there is no way you can go above 64GB ( 128GB is supported !!! ) if you dont want to break the 4-Rank limit It is supported and does work and I did not see a critical performance hit when I tested the RAM. Defacto, till today, not a single BSOD since Oktober, no matter how I push the RAM. I often use up 98% RAM in VMware for hours...not a single glitch yet, rock solid and FAST.
  3. That really makes it somewhat impossible to give fast, precise & easy to digest answers for anything Taskmanager/CPU related. Add in the scheduler dealing different architectures with different algorithm, HP- and HE-Cores, Boost Clocks and what not else... it is very complex.
  4. Once you have it all together, make a cross-check as to what SVSMOKEY said and ( by breaking all our rules to DIY and such... ) compare it to a similar PreBuild system, as close as possible with Apples to Apples. With the current GPU pricing going steeply UP again it may really make sense. If you have a big enough difference in pricing you can exchange any part later on and still have saved some money. Tho there are pitfalls in PreBuilds, usually mid-tier motherboard and PSU, RAM latency, etc.. but with current pricing I have to 2nd svsmokey, they are all nuts and why not at least check if it makes sense. Buy fast, GPU are going up in price again ...https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-has-officially-raised-the-prices-of-its-rtx-30-series-gpus-in-europe.html ..not only in Europe btw.
  5. Maybe your Ping to those servers is suboptimal or those servers themselves are just weak and cause it on their end. The 16GB elephant still stands in the room.
  6. If the drive is found by the Bios you have an option to boot from it as default. If the drive does not show up directly among the drive(s) you can choose from you will for most Bios' have to change order of the HDD/SDD in a Submenu right in the Boot Settings Tab. There, you should see all bootable drives listed per Boot-Entry and you have to set yours to the top of one of the entries and then choose that entry as the default boot drive. Since CSM and SafeBoot change the way the PC boots, presents disks to the screen and as boot option it is not as trivial as it was in the past. To boot any non-signed/insecure device you have to have CSM enabled, otherwise it wont even show up. With USB Tools that is a common issue as you have to boot under CSM to have all tools available to boot into ( Linux tools and older Windows ).
  7. You are aware of CSM and SafeBoot ? I bet if you work those two paramters your drive(s) will show up again. If CSM is disabled and SafeBoot enabled you will likely not see all drive options to boot from. Kinda bites the Win11 idea.
  8. He's on Cloud #7 still smiling....give him some time..LoL
  9. The #1 trouble maker in a standard PC is the PSU. Talk to guys who fix PC's for many many years and they tell you exactly this. I wouldn't mind running a Gold Label PSU ..IF..they would give me 10-12yeras warranty...and also deliver the same quality of DC current for my components but they usually do not.
  10. I gave my VR away as I never got over the motion sickness. It's a very valid arguement, try it out before you buy. You might end up throwing up after 20min....been there.
  11. Keep on fighting, in DCS and in your Life
  12. This is not an R/C forum but I might be able, as an retired R/C Pilot, what servos are out there. Analog: does not apply holding power, those do not burn through but on the downside analog servos are not as precise, fast and powerful vs. digital ones. Digital: does apply power/current to hold the desired position up until it burns through. Killed a few Jumbo Servos for my 1:6 Groeschel Buggy's steering this way. Maybe that helps a little.
  13. Your CPU does support Win10. It does not support Win11, that's correct. I run several 4th gen Intel Core-i Series with Win10 Pro 64bit, no issues.
  14. Could very well have been a powerine issue and maybe your Router's AC-Adapter can bridge a longer timespan than your PSU could. Don't think too much when it's a one-time thing. Likely you will never find it out unless it happens again and/or more people have the same issue(s). Overthinking leads to repairing an otherwise great system to death.
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