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  1. Electronic Boutique has all but given up on carrying PC games now. I suppose there's Best Buy or Future Shop but even they just stick to mainline games. I've never even seen Silent Hunter 3 on the shelves in any game store in Vancouver...
  2. Sounds good to me. Hope I was able to broach the subject without sounding too offensive.
  3. I've heard some negative stuff online about them, but let's face it; every game that comes out now seems to be greeted by some really negative little wreckers who run around really slandering everything they can about a game and trying to stop people from buying it. Let's hear what the guys who've played it have to say; is the AI good or is it idiotic? Is the Campaign deeply realistic or is it just a waste of time?
  4. I'm thinking that the nature of this sim with it's vast and detailed campaign scenarios will make the helicopters perhaps the best vehicle for actually examining everything that's going on in the battlefield. That's assuming of course that the dynamism and detail of the battlefield will be in themselves exciting and interesting.
  5. Yes, I'd like to see two things on this thread, and plenty of it too; 1. The overall campaign map, showing the entire theatre of war and the kinds of symbology of units and targets on the map, the way Falcon 4 Allied Force does or whatever ED has decided on. I've got a lot of curiosity about this. 2. I'd like to see screenshots that encompass this vast multilayered scope of battle in actual battlefield screenshots. Naval Air and Ground. Helicopter sim aside, (and yeah it's pretty cool) is there any other game that offers this kind of scope in a totally photoreal way the way Black S
  6. This is the best media player there is IMHO http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  7. I hadn't realized this...very cool to see a new engine coming along. Thanks for the info
  8. OMG, #7 was the best one yet in terms of quality. The Track IR movements really gave you a strong sense of 3 dimensionality and the detail of that landscape was mindblowing. Sometimes I question the wisdom of spending so much time learning a game like this but when you show videos like this all my doubts disappear. I particularly liked the sequence with the SAMs coming up at the Black Shark. Very very nice. WOW. :thumbup:
  9. http://leav-www.army.mil/fmso/documents/fuelair/fuelair.htm The "Buratino" was the main thermobaric delivery system that the Russians used against Grozny. It was first combat-tested in Afghanistan's Panjshir valley in the early 1980s during the Soviet- Afghan War. Built by the Omsk Transmash design bureau, Buratino is a 30-barrel 220mm multiple rocket launcher system mounted on a T-72 tank chassis. (See Figure 1a & 1b). It is found in the chemical troops' separate flame thrower battalions. It is an observed-fire system with a maximum effective range of 3.5 kilometers (othe
  10. These are always enjoyable and any information you share with us is deeply appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  11. Yes, and really what do chem/bio/nukes add to war? Horrible clumsy clothing is what. Do you want to simulate wearing a rubber suit with diapers on a hot summer day? Basically any warzone with tactical nukes in it is going to grind to a halt in short order. I've seen people who've been irradiated and all they do is flop around in a feverish delirium vomiting and soiling themselves with diarreah. Not something you want in a helicopter sim.
  12. Good question; I had the demo for a while and never bought it. But then I never played it online. Some love AA and some don't. It's a matter of taste. Try the demo and see for yourself. And make sure that Bush Wars mod is still being maintained... http://www.armedassault.com/downloads.html http://www.armedassault.info/_hosted/bushwars/
  13. Sort of off topic but this may be to your liking.. http://forum.armedassault.info/index.php?showtopic=949&mode=threaded
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