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  1. Lctrl+Lshift+F1 in VR with the MiG21 (I long forgot about this one ) Something was missing with VR and I remembered all my testing with TrackIR and it worked with the MiG21 Adding even more realism in the cockpit.. G-forces movements the head .. A bit strong in -G's it's nice, I wish they had this for all. Without it it's too sterile .. in an aircraft the G-forces really should move your head to a limit.. We must have it for all it is such a great feeling.. Try it.. This was good in TrackIR too
  2. Trim is a pain high speed impossible level up.. nose down each time .. A pain
  3. You end up on a spin because you lost your tale
  4. With a good communication we can fix a lot of things, Axis problem? bug? etc. even if you leave the engine coil front open or half it would not vibrate that much to brake the tale structure each time. and in many cases rudder remain active.. So if you cannot recreate the anomaly. the Rudder still functioning after structure is gone you can "Alt+J" to another P47 and repeat the same and then the rudder will work with a tale structure gone. easy
  5. Ok here .. each sortie my rudder and tale are breaking up under heavy vibrations after this new update. .. after still works not each time but many times.. watch the Trk . Thank you to look into it P47-1.trk
  6. Something weird here P47.. breaking the tale each flight. When the whole tale section is gone the rudders still work..
  7. RAZBAM_ELMO The switches do not deactivate the boost for Ailerons and Elevators .. They should .. No need for a track.. They just do not work.. Their boost are always ON when the switches are on OFF positions.. Lets me know if you really need a track for it.
  8. NoV 06 2020 No update fixed on the Elevators and ailerons Boost .. Need boost off when set on off.. Boost stay ON .. Switches not working :(
  9. Going with 5900X over the 5950X.. The 5900x has a stronger single core with more cache per core.. more room for OC .. Was hard decision to make but 12 cores is good 16 wont see a difference really just less pure speed. Photoshop no diff.. IMO the 5800X is a very good one for the price.. and the best is the 5900X if you have more things running on the background
  10. Looks so amateurish .. forum we pick up free .. come on ! there are some good options but what we complain is the Navigation is horrible and the waste of space is terrible.. I am using the dark theme but it is seriously lacking of where about reference points..
  11. New forum is not better.. not good.. confusing.. there are good options but the navigation is terrible.. we are lost/
  12. Ha. ! ok here super quick simple thx Offboost-noworking.trk
  13. OK here made a quick short one https://1drv.ms/u/s!AksJg6fAZVHKhARHV_NMQzTBZG7q?e=uV1SrP Thanks to look into it
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