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    FSX F-18

    As far as i know, FSX still doen´t have DX10!
  2. Ok, your ATI card doen´t suport DX10, and FSX is not DX10 yet (according to Microsoft it will be patched one day to suport DX10), and Vista Eats UP a lot o memory 10 times more from XP and it may cause games to run Slower, but thats not the only problem as even 4gb systems runs slower than XP. In Any case, unless you have a top model PC i sugest Sticking to XP.
  3. I had the FSx beta from fileplanet, full 9GB download, it´s still work, but i see the final product comes out just like the beta, most umplayable, unless you pla to fly in a desert area with no scenery and no wheather/water efects.
  4. Indeed!! I was flying with AA and AF off to save some frames, and when i turned it on, i noticed that i had better quality graphics with no fps loose. I changed to AF16x and AA4x. Great graphic improvment, no fps loss. :thumbup:
  5. After watching this video, i became speechless for a few seconds. Great Video GA. Keep'em comming. ;)
  6. Yeah, i know, i've turned it on already. Those are old pics that i had at hand and was fast to be posted. I tough it would have a huge fps change, it's AA4x now and i didn't realy noticed any change.
  7. Microsoft claims FSX is DX10, and it runs on DX9 (backwards compatible) but not in DX8 and when you have DX10 installed it should run smother as MS say they re-worked the framework to have the DX10 game have direct access to the hardware and not trough the GDI. Vista is still in beta, it´s not fair to compare it with XP performance for gaming. But the real fact is, Lomac is not outdated, it´s amazing! I fail to see were this graphis are outdate!
  8. Hi, i had the same problem, but i noticed everytime i loged back in site it gives me a new URL, so i put the URL as a mirror for my download and it worked. Some files i have to do this 3 times. I use flashget download manager.
  9. Dude, i live in Brazil where US$ is twice more valuable than my currency, and i don't consider US$ 14,95 a fair price for the Work ED have been doing after what UBI did to them, it's a chep price and its worth to bought that expansion even if you dont like the plane that came with it.
  10. Indeed, i did the same, but dont forget you have to double install all your programs, because vista wont run them without reinstall.
  11. :thumbup: E to ralando pra achar material do LOMAC, mas ja me virei, quase ninguem aki joga.
  12. Great Video, i just loved to buy this game, it´s what i´ve been looking for some time, i had Falcon 4.0 and never had time to read all the bible, and didnt went to Allied armor, but instructor guided tutorial rox. OffTopic: mad, what is the needed to join your squadron? I noticed you have a Sheila Carvalho playboy edition which is from Brazil. ;)
  13. I think that why he didnt manage to place a pic of him landing in this wheather. :smilewink:
  14. if not by that error you say after tanking off again, i would say you damaged you Aircraft in the descent by stressing it´s limits, tho i´m not sure how fast a f15c can go, but it should be faster than mach 1.5. Maybe a glitch in the software is causing it.
  15. 7600 has a 128bit bus! Therefore the 7900 with 256bit memory bus is much faster!
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