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  1. Nowadays people are taking Provigil. It works great compared to the drugs that we used to use. You can stay up for about 48 hours with no loss of alertness or focus, but it doesn't make you all jittery. And best of all, even after you take it, if you want to sleep, you don't need to take anything to bring you down, you can just go to sleep.
  2. There is a distinction in the U.S. Army at least. Just as you mentioned, settling with power can be overcome if only you had more power available. Once you enter VRS, more power just makes it worse. They do tend to follow, however. That is, it is common for settling with power to develop rapidly into VRS, because you don't have enough power to keep the descent rate low enough.
  3. I’ve been working on and flying in these helicopters for a little over 13 years and I’ve never had a pilot take his feet off of the micro switches. I understand that it’s because we’re Americans and taking our feet off of the pedals is just not something we ever do. But in all that time the only useful modes of flight to ever use the yaw channel have been in a hover or n straight and level cruise flight. I’ve done it a couple of times just to show a pilot that it actually works. But that’s about it.
  4. Yes, as long as you could set it so that when the switches are depressed (i.e. feet on pedals) the yaw channel is off, and when the switches are not depressed (i.e. feet off pedals) the yaw channel turns on again. No, when you push the clutch release button on the collective, it turns off the altitude channel (unlike the yaw channel, where the pedal switches just temporarily disable the yaw channel, but the channel itself remains on, as indicated by the light on the autopilot control panel). If desired, the altitude channel must be turned on again manually by pressing the button on the
  5. Kazan: Mi-8MT = Mi-17 Mi-8MTV-1 = Mi-17-1V Mi-8MTV-5 = Mi-17V-5 Ulan-Ude: Mi-8AMT = Mi-171 Mi-8AMTSh = Mi-171Sh
  6. The Receiver/Transmitter for the ARC-210 holds the crypto now so there is no need for a KY-58.
  7. This version of the Mi-8 has 100% control authority in the yaw axis. If you have your feet off the pedals and the yaw channel of the autopilot is engaged, the autopilot will attempt to hold your heading by applying tail rotor pitch as necessary, through the full movement of the pedals. If it's doing this, the pedals should be seen to move on their own even without you touching them.
  8. It's an amazing photo, to be sure, but that's a 600 for tow line and the aircraft never had more than a 25 degree nose down attitude. It looks much closer to the ground and at a steeper pitch angle due to the use of a telephoto lens.
  9. The M230 is rifled, yes. The warhead is classified as high explosive dual purpose. It has a shaped charge that can defeat light armor (around 50mm if my memory is correct) as well as a fragmentation effect. It’s definitely not as powerful as the GAU-8 or 2A42.
  10. It's not without reason that the gun on the AH-64 is called the Area Weapon System. Meanwhile, I got to watch a USAF presentation by an A-10C pilot and they classify their gun as a precision weapon.
  11. The flight manual should be the same as the real flight manual, I'd have to double check. But our procedure is to not use any collective at all unless required just to get it rolling but once it's rolling keep the collective bottomed out. Otherwise it just starts rolling too fast and you end up using a lot of brakes. EDIT: I looked it up. It does say to add 1 to 2 degrees of collective pitch to start to taxi. Then adjust taxi speed as necessary using cyclic, collective, and brakes. At work we do sometimes (not always) use collective to get rolling, but we never use it while taxiing.
  12. The M230 barrel is significantly shorter than 2.2 meters. The entire gun system is less than 1.7 meters long.
  13. I would expect that they are using the VM engines, same as the Mi-8 represented in the game. Some newer Mi-24s are getting the VMA engines, or so I've heard (same as Ka-50), but I would think we'd at least get the VM engines.
  14. I don't know if this will help in-game but never taxi with any collective.
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