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  1. Off it went. Good bye green leaves, welcome yellowish demon!
  2. And I do it a lot my friend. I did it, in particular, when I had my comments on the Gazelle in the Polychop section. The problem is that today it seems that there is no humility to learn. And people write things in the internet like they are facts. It is, what is it, I know. But rather than being a question of ridicule something, I just like to point out that people in general should be more careful when writing something in a forum like it is a matter of fact. Specifically those who do not have background on the subject matter. I am sorry that you interpreted my post as a ridicule, not m
  3. Where can one find more information on this?
  4. So basically there are the Thrustmaster and Virpil? I’ve research a bit and it looks like that Virpil can attach some joysticks. What is the advantages or Virpil over Thrustmaster? And is Virpil easy to maintain and repair? They are quite expensive. Thank you for your help.
  5. Hi all, One of those post requiring help in determining a new hardware setup. For some years now I've been running on a MSFS 2, Saitek X52 throttle and Saitek pedals. Now the Saitek throttle just died after 15 years of good service. For some reason the PC does not initialize the unit. I am just wondering what you guys recommend for a good throttle and what should I get for a good joystick? I noticed that there are a few more brands lately but I am an old guy and don't follow much of that lately, can you guys help me please? Kind
  6. Why the internet is broken? Because everyone seems to write "things" like facts. I laugh my self out reading some "things" around here about helicopters.
  7. I rather prefer you post pone the release of Kiowa and have it like it should behave than to have a disappointment like Gazelle's one. So, thanks for you hard work and continue with it. Regards.
  8. Ka-50 V3 is on hold... :( No new Ka-50 in 2020. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4491826&postcount=1780
  9. The original idea of this thread was to know more about the Mi-24 sensor suite. I found a great site, although it is in Portuguese, with a lot of details and an amazing Revell build. https://www.spmodelismo.com.br/howto/he/progress/progress04.01.php Specifically the sights/sensors. Does anyone have more information about Mi-24P and its sensor suite/sights? Thank you.
  10. I am affraid that the symbology scale and resolution is realistic but because we are using a monitor, it looks small and unreadable. I tend to make some view points for the MFDs to quickly zoom in.
  11. Hi all, Any information about how the player will interact with the Gunners sight? Will it be a head movement based sight or a full view sight, or both? Thank you very much. Regards
  12. Hi all, Does the RADAR (missiles, aircrafts) gets blocked by buildings and other obstructions like trees in DCS? I normally fly in NOE with helicopters, masking in buildings and trees, but I always get hit by a AMRAAM or Phoenix... even if I am really low on the ground. So, does it block it and prevents the locks or not? Thank you. Regards
  13. Focha

    Hind Wobble

    You guys are right, all helicopters wooble a bit, but those Mi-24 wooble a lot! In the R44 I flew the tail wooble like mad at idle power. But on the AS365, that was not really noticeable. But depending on the aircraft, even the same type would produce different woobles and vibrations, I flew a few AS350, more than 9, and there were some that wooble more than others. The rotor system of 350 and 365 is alike. Never flew the Puma or Super Puma. Also, it can be the fact that the axis of the main rotor shaft on the Mi-24 2,5° tilted to the right. It can also help producing those woobles.
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