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  1. He will try it, but he can't also connect to some TS servers.And i am not sure if this will work.
  2. Absolutely.Can't connect to servers in HL and also to some servers in TS. OS -Win XP Lock On FC 1.12b Router - yes Firewall OFF
  3. Hello guys! One of my squadmates has the same problem as gundelgauk. Is there any solution of the problem?
  4. I am almost with the same configuration and i have this problem too and now its gone. Thanks Kuky!
  5. Why there is no answer "I don't won't it to be replaced!" in the pool?
  6. Actually i tried, without renaming, but when i install the mod it deletes the content of MeInit or sometimes delete all after the line i want to change.
  7. S! all! I ave some questions about the ModMaker in modman, especially the CFG option. First i want to ask if it can edit MeInit. Then i want to ask an an example of how to replace a line in Meinit using the CFG. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello. I am from 2 Fighter Squadron(2ИАЕ) in Bulgaria and i'd be gratefull if you add our website in your squadron list! Here is our website! Thank you in advance! S! =2ИАЕ=МеtoBG
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