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  1. I try 1st mission for 10th time... The SU25 just immortal. Yes I wait until the fire missiles on crowd then they break north... no matter what I'm doing, I'm out of bullets or I get killed by the wingman
  2. Hello, I need help to export MFD's to the right screen. I have 3 monitors with same resolution, Im having hard times with the LUA file. My main screen is 2. I want my MFD's on right screen, What values should I enter? Main display shows sometimes on right display and sometimes on left And I dont see the MFD's. What am I missing? thanks
  3. Hello Guys, I'm having problem with my TrackIR 4. While Im moving my head to the right, at some point the tracker starts to shake to all directions (mostly up) and be unstable. I cant go all the way back and can't get stable sight to the right. Im using TrackClip Pro, My TrackIR on left side of the monitor about 40 cm from my head. I dont have any IR blocking or other light sources. I had similar issue with TrackIR 3 I had before. Playing with the TrackIR angle helps a little bit but it not even close to be perfect. Turning to the left side works well, very smooth and precise. Check
  4. Hi guys, I just received TM WT. After I been using X52 and X55, The WT feels very complicated for me.. Im looking for f15 profile, But just can't find one that works with last 1.5 and 2.1 DCS version Everybody talking about this HOTAS but there are no profiles i can use... I tried few profiles from user files, But they don't work perfectly (no trim and no radar slew target) any one can help me with decent profile with graphical buttons mapping? thanks
  5. I got same problem. Just received new WARTHOG. And I just cant get along with it and with TARGET software. It looks to me like rocket science after X52/X55 I had. Some one can help me to get updated F15C profile for the TM WARTHOG? Thanks
  6. Most important last priority.......
  7. When the update get released guys?
  8. Сообщение от Cobra_ru А где инфу надыбать, как платить и т.д. и откуда тянуть? Эта версия еще не подготовлена. Вероятно появится на сайте 1С онлайн на следующей неделе On russian forums Chizh (ED Team) Said that the download version is not ready yet. And probably will be next week
  9. Great Idea I like it!!! Also I think the teams should be like real sides... NATO-USSR =RvE=VooDoo
  10. There is no point to do any graph... ED wont listen to you anyway
  11. Some 1 cared about posting all this stuff in russian forums? I think not... They dont realy care I guess.. Myself getting sick of it... I was flying againts some guy in AvioSibir server.. He was engry cause i was firing and turning cold to dodge his missile by energy.... He was like "OO u just firing and turning cold".. The funiest part the he never went cold... I fired 2 amraams and i was turning but he still was locking me from my 6... What he did he flew under 10 meters... So now comon this is not cheat? People flying 10 meters and thinking "OO im so good pilot!!" No missile hit
  12. Dont be so shoked about it!! If ED wont release any patches that mean its the END of Lockon! I guess there are some people that can do some "home made" stuff.. Anyway I hope so.. I dont want to see the end of lockon...
  13. Comon I want to hear somting from ED! We need some community pressure! We have alot of people that care more about fixing FC then the Black Shark.. It will take alot of time to release fast movers to BS.. Untill then please make this 1.3 patch! We so need it! Just give some time for us! Personaly I dont care to pay for this patch! But make the patch!
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