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  1. I agree. The newer versions of max have way better uv unwrapping tools. Max 7 is ancient
  2. Did I mention I'm looking for the tools for 3ds max 8?
  3. Hello everyone Just a quick question. Does anyone have the LOMAC toold for max 8? I've had them a while back but I have looked all over my pc and the internet and I cant seem to find it anymore. Does Anyone still have this plug laying around. PM me Thanks XX Mali
  4. The version I like the most is 3ds max 2008. 2009 is very anoying in a way
  5. Malignant

    3D Mods

    F-16 is still in the works. Should eventually produce a public one
  6. well i have to disagree. Tried it and got rid of it asap
  7. Yes. I have plans to make a combat variant after I finish this VTB mod and an some other mods. So it might take a little while
  8. ye the black arrows act was amazing. Loved every bit. I'd like to thank all people involved giving me a kick ass weekend
  9. Thanks super. Ill look into it, I dont understand how this lock on animation thing works.
  10. might wanna thumpnail that one. it streches the hell out of my 24"
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