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  1. Yes there seems to be some misinformation going around that I have seen in other threads that you don't need to 'ENTER' your lat/long and alt during normal alignment. As stated above - yes you do. No need to change any of the digits if they match your location as per the F10 map - but you still need to dobber down to each field and hit 'ENTER'.
  2. Have you got the mouse constrained to VR window on VR tab? I find starting up VR/DCS in funky ways can screw up your mouse too. All I do is just put my G2 on, wait for WMR to load, then turn right to look at the virtual desktop window I put on the wall to my right, say 'Select' to activate desktop mirror, say 'Teleport' to get a littler closer if required then look at my DCS VR shortcut in the taskbar and say 'Select', sit back and wait for DCS to load. Have no problems with mouse at all.
  3. I personally use this mod and it's great - F-16C MFD Font VR Readability, thicker and larger font - much easier to read in VR. But not an option for anyone that needs to pass IC.
  4. I have the same throttle, and as stated above I map it to the two analogue TDC Axis commands. Also drop the total travel to like 50%, saturation I think it is - then you can go full deflection on the hat but the curser doesn't move at the speed of heat across the MFD.
  5. Had no trouble with my 6800XT and the G2. You also get the small benefit of SAM running a full new-gen AMD setup. Also if you want to pay double for an extra 8-10% performance, the 6900XT is the card to get....else just get a 6800XT and wait for the next gen . They also both have 16GB VRAM, so not even getting an upgrade there.
  6. Don't forget the 6800XT with 16GB of VRAM for far less than the 3090, and still awesome performance. I would stay away from 5800X CPU as well as they have heating issues, which when the CPU will self-O/C based on temps, is not good. Just finished building my new AMD setup with Nitro+ 6800XT and 5900X on a X570 Dark Hero and yep performance is pretty good....
  7. Just read somewhere from DEVS that they will be looking at the lighting and MFD brightness/contrast etc. in the Viper, as it didn't fare well with the lighting upgrade.
  8. Just for interest, another description of how SP is supposed to work... Snowplow Mode Snowplow (SP) mode is toggled by pressing OSB 8 on either A-G radar or TGP MFDs. Toggling SP mode sets both sensors into snowplow (SP label will highlight on both MFDs) and not ground-stabilized position, in front of the aircraft and at half the range of the A-G radar scale. TMS Up can then be used to ground-stabilize and allow slewing of the position. SP mode is always in sync between A-G radar and TGP, so if for some reason the A-G radar SP mode is toggled off by switching radar or master mode
  9. Sabre is a great aircraft in DCS, love flying it. I would happily chuck Heatblur a fiver to tart up the cockpit textures thou - they are looking very dated....
  10. Good pickup! Easy to just assume the wing pylon stays on the wing and the tank is dropped. Generally a pylon is bolted to the wing permanently and just the store is released/punched off.
  11. Yeah I have this mapped to one of my rotary encoders - major PITA with DCS is the tiny amount of movement per 'click' of your button box rotary encoders (making controlling things like volume and light knobs all but impossible....100 full encoder rotations for 1/2 range increase in sim lol), so I just use that to my advantage in this case and mapped the trim wheel to one. So now I have tiny aileron trim input per encoder 'click'. I only ever use the trim hat for course adjustment following dropping wing store, firing HARM etc. Sort out the precise trim later with dial.
  12. Have you tried just selecting HUD as SOI with DMS up after firing then TMS up again to drop back down to the next Mav WPN screen using the same TD box position?, or does the TD box re-set doing it that way as well? If DMS up doesn't work, try switching to MRM then cancel back to A-G again as per the method from 'that other sim' to set SOI as HUD without needing TMS down. Prior to designating a target, the TD box is caged about the FPM. The TD box can be positioned on the target either by manoeuvring the aircraft or with the cursor switch. The target is designated by positioning the
  13. I the F-16 flight model is far from complete and I wouldn't even bother trying to compare it to anything at the moment.... Items currently being worked on for the Viper include: Updated flight model dynamics for G and angle of attack. So yea, currently the trust is wrong, drag is wrong, g and AOA energy bleed is wrong etc etc.
  14. Have them both - but spend most my time in the Viper. Big fan due to many hours flying Falcon 4.0 back in the day. Viper is far from complete but is a much more capable jet and you will have the whole selection of roles covered once it is complete - meaning far more versatile to fly. I am a huge Tomcat fan (growing up in the 80's and that thing was insane awesome for the day) hence I bought it - and do fly it now and then for novelty fun as it is beautifully built, textures are amazing etc. But Jester annoys you and not having control of important things like radar and pod make it
  15. They are a bit hit and miss, I find I get better accuracy with auto if I have at least 400 kts in the dive. But using TacView to investigate I have two bombing runs with near identical parameters and one missed by about 300m, other was a direct hit...so yeah. Try to be super-steady on the stick and no pos/neg g etc during drop.
  16. The only thing we are missing for the Vietnam era is....Vietnam, still.
  17. Wow great App - exactly what I was looking for to jot down co-ords off the map for entry into ICP. Thanks! This functionality def needs to be incorporated into the base game! Particularly now things get 'deselected' when leaving map view, (am sure they used to stay selected?) so need to click on object again to get co-ords when re-entering map. Bit of a pain if you are old like me and only remember lat and back to game for ICP entry, then back to map and fumble with trackball to re-select object to get its long.
  18. Just did Mission 5 last night, no reply from ATC on UHF stud 4 (checked DED and the freq was correct per KB) , and also no reply from wingmen/flight n VHF 127.00. Not had any problem with comms in any mission up to this point. Strange thing was I was getting the subtitles from ATC you get if you just start taxiing etc by yourself, but no audible comms, and no reply to request to start etc.
  19. Always think of ways the aircraft can help you - in your case you need the aircraft monitoring your altitude and alerting you when you are too low while you are busy with your Maverick. Set your CARA ALOW to say 1500' - and when you hear the alert, pull up - weapon away or not, bottom line you missed your window to employ the weapon and need to be better. Just have the discipline to immediately react to the warning, reposition and try again. Eventually you will have the capacity to not get saturated with just trying to launch a Maverick, and have the capacity to monitor the aircraf
  20. ALT HOLD is your friend when using the pod! Don't feel like using the AP is cheating or anything, it is there for the sole purpose of making your life easier - use it! It is easily overridden with the stick if anything goes wrong.
  21. Check the airfield on F10 map, no all runways have ILS.
  22. Not THAT SOL, remember you can just Snowplow mode it (SP) and then use the HUD to roughly position the TPOD box where you want to search, then move to heads-down in the MFD to have a closer look. Just browse back to the HUD now and then to make sure you haven't slewed off into oblivion miles away from where you want to be searching!
  23. Only need one re-arm process - Just EMERG JETT the empty tanks on the flight line then re-arm for some full ones. You would never swap drop tanks during a hot refuel, but that is where we are at. The point I was trying to make above is, ED need to stop trying to be so clever and 'fully modelling the internal workings of the fuel system' when they just end up introducing bugs, which in this case results in the inability to have full drop tanks following a hot refuel (unless your internals are nearly empty, you punch off your old tanks and fit new ones etc etc). Bottom line I pa
  24. Not required, just dobber down to lat, long and alt and 'CONFIRM' each with ENTER. Also personally I wait till ALIGN flashes in HUD till I turn to NAV, but believe you don't need to wait. No requirement to confirm at all if you use STORED HDG. Have been dropping CCRP with TPOD all this week from cold and dark jet doing this - is working fine.
  25. TMS left to cycle through the different modes TV, WHOT, and BHOT to see what is working best for the current situation. I generally find Black Hot to work best in highlighting vehicles etc. Just today was in the freefly instant mission with some Mavs and used this to locate an ammo and fuel truck hiding in some trees. Very visible in BHOT mode. Don't forget all your zoom options either. General zoom level for search, then EXP to get close for a good look. But generally a TPOD is THE worst thing to use to actually search for targets as such - we always equated it to looking trough a
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