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  1. Just STT everything, then you can fly free of worry like in the Viper - that TWS doesn't work properly either ;) Firing at 6 different targets simulateously is cheating hax anyway isn't it? - DCS all about equality...STT for everyone!
  2. Edit: Forget I spoke, brain fade combined with just getting back into the aircraft in the last few weeks.
  3. For when you think AAR in a chopper is 'easy mode'...sling load as well. [YOUTUBE]h5Lszjxzz8U[/YOUTUBE]
  4. Is this one of those '#soon' moments? I assume this has just been given very low priority, because it still isn't fixed. A quick search shows many reports about this - I would have thought a bug in a 3rd party module that completely crashes DCS would be taken a little more seriously. But what would I know, I just pay my money and hold out my bowl and beg 'may I have some more...'
  5. Another benefit to AAR with wings in Bomb mode as it trims a fair way nose-up for better vis.
  6. I would tend to agree it must be right up there. Mostly due to the fact the tanker is usally at it's slowest speed possible and the chopper is at it's fastest, combined with the fact the chopper has to sit quite high compared to the drogue so it doesn't chop it thus off placing it further into the prop wake of the refueller. Also if the refueller is using any sort of flap to help with the slow speed this creates even more turb behind the aircraft.
  7. Phoenix will go pitbull when it's godamn good and ready - YOU GOT THAT?!
  8. ED have stated that the ability to program a DTC (Data Transfer Cartridge) prior to flight on the menu Special Tab or ME that holds a bunch of this type info like SPs, MFD sets and CMS progs etc is 'in progress' for several aircraft including the Viper.
  9. Don't forget you will also want to weather-cock into the wind if you have any crosswind. But yes you need to not brake at 100%, and just use differential braking when slowing to keep straight.
  10. +1 A more sedate 'I have more than 2 hours in the backseat of a Tomcat and everything isn't super exciting, like that bandit directly in front of us at 1/2 a mile that my more junior peers feel the need to tell you about...repeatedly' Jester option would be very welcome.
  11. Yes you utilise the radar exactly the same way as if you selected A-A on the ICP. Spotlight mode 'when implemented' will help immensely in this situation as you just press and hold TMS up then slew the radar cursors to the general area of the bandit and release and it will auto-lock the closest contact. For close in with the 120 - you just launch in the general direction of the WVR bandit and it should go MADDOG and smoke it.....notice I said 'should'.
  12. Yep - just uninstall it and come back in 6-12 months time, is what I have done. FSSB side-stick got un-mounted and stored in the cupboard as well. Unfortunately if you are an experienced user of 'that other sim' you will find the DCS Viper even more frustrating. On the bright side this gives me more time available for flying the choppers and to get back in the Tomcat and Tiger.
  13. Haha indeed I was - thank you. I am very used to the forum warriors jumping on their keyboards to correct any real and perceived errors here lol. ;) Lol that is pretty awesome!
  14. Wrong gun - still awesome. Currently my DCS wallpaper too along with the default ED Mi-8 music.
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