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  1. Yea not sure what is going on , I don't think Steam reprojection with AMD 6000 cards is very good. In any case I mucked around with MSAA on then off then on again, and also reinstalled SteamVR and tried switching Motion Vector on and off a few times, then all of a sudden I was at 10ms all green sitting at 90 fps. Beats me. Want to run with Motion Vector on and sit at a steady 45 fps but not if it decides it wants to drop to 30 fps all the time for no reason - unplayable mess. Sooner keep it at Auto and take the shudders as it swaps between 90 and 45. Hopefully SteamVR improves its reproje
  2. I am having an issue with the G2 and 6800 XT where it drops from 45 fps and locks to 30 fps which results in really bad ghosting/stutters etc. Frametime is still fine in the low teens so no reason to drop to 30, my previous 1080ti would happily sit locked to 45 fps with frametimes ranging from low teens to 20's and wouldn't drop below that 45. What is making the 6800 XT drop below 45 to 30 when it doesn't neeed to, and how do I stop it? I have reprojection set to 'Motion Vector' in headset settings to ensure it is on, and to 'Global' in SteamVR, as if I set to 'Force Always-On' in per-app
  3. This! Until ED sort out the area of effect weapon damage from rockets and cannons etc, aircraft like Hind are pretty pointless in DCS doing what they are supposed to do. A 30mm round doesn't need to hit you to kill you, and seeing nil effect on nearby soft targets and troops 'walking it off' after a rocket salvo is just rubbish.
  4. Yea TWS is pretty hit and miss at the moment. Just getting back into the Viper this week after a long break (am used to that 'other' sim, so the 'simplified' DCS Viper was annoying me). I tried a Viper free fly instant action mission on Syria and there are 4 Vipers flying wide formation up to the Nth, and approaching them from behind I could TWS cycle 3 of the 4, but it refused to cycle to the fourth aircraft for some reason. You also need to give it a fair bit of time to build the TWS picture, then yea just TMS right to swap all tgts to system, then you can 'mostly' cycle through them. B
  5. NO.......I was quoting what you asked me to check, out of the graphics.lua. Figured since you were telling me to check it, you might recognise it...
  6. --in stereo and hmd mode you can try to use single parser for both eyes , by default is false , comment to enable it or set to true stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = false I have tested this feature before, thanks thou.
  7. I think the RL/DCS manual assumes a level of common sense in that most pilots would realise dropping bombs after hitting the ground is less than ideal, and therefore a little maths is required to set the INDEX altitude ABOVE the target altitude by the amount indicated by the MPC. So the super-handy MPC handily tells you the INDEX is 3,700' - you say thanks very much Mr. Helpful MPC, now I know I need to release my bombs 3,700' ABOVE the target (cause dive bombing from below the target is hard and for experts only....once), which in this case is 4,000' - so by amazing mathematical gymnasti
  8. Cheers, yea my specs used to be in my sig, but I guess that stuff has changed with the new forum. In any case the Q was more for ppl who know what is causing the issue/have also had the same problem and fixed it as there are lots of other ppl here with G2's- not so much guessing what it might be based on my system specs. Also I wasn't getting the issue with my Rift S so is G2 specific. Also yes I have V5 of the tree mod - seemed pretty obvious this might be causing it so tried with and without it and get the same issue. Also the tree mod is only for one map, I get the same thing wi
  9. I was wondering if this could have anything to do with the fact trees are rendering in at different distances in each eye in my G2, and some distant terrain also looks 'odd'? I dont have the "options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true/false" line in my autoexec.cfg file at all.
  10. Wondering if someone could help me please. Just got my Reverb G2 and generally things going really well, nice stable 45 most the time with crisp graphics etc. However - I have noticed that trees draw in at different distances, meaning that there are two different 'versions' of every tree leading to very disorienting looking trees in general. (So close one eye and trees are 'growing' into the sim at the tree draw distance, but then if you swap eyes there are no trees there yet till you get a bit closer). This then means all trees around me while flying don't quite 'look' right as if there
  11. Also seeing different render distances in each eye in my new G2 - very off-putting as you say. Is very noticeable with trees and some scenery/hills. It means they sort of appear to be ghosting and just appear 'wrong'. Any ideas what is causing this - how to solve?
  12. Just STT everything, then you can fly free of worry like in the Viper - that TWS doesn't work properly either ;) Firing at 6 different targets simulateously is cheating hax anyway isn't it? - DCS all about equality...STT for everyone!
  13. Edit: Forget I spoke, brain fade combined with just getting back into the aircraft in the last few weeks.
  14. For when you think AAR in a chopper is 'easy mode'...sling load as well.
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