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  1. Give them a ammo truck: RED: URAL-375, KAMAZ-43101, GAZ-66, and GAZ-3308 BLUE: M-818 Or place the infantry/sam/AAA/Vehicle in the influence area of the truck. On the editor map you can see a cirle around the truck, anything in the circle will get rearmed. The bigger the weapon, the longer it takes to rearm.
  2. In the editor I have a group of AI jets. With a trigger I have them perform a search and engage in a zone. They do that just fine, but they always go to 30.000 feet or up. How do I limit the maximum flightlevel of the AI. Is this even possible? With a script? I have searched but I could not find anything. Thank you for the help.
  3. order #2775 hopefully it will be under the X-mas tree this year :)
  4. Dutchy looking for some BuD's and beers.. Any room in there?
  5. www.159thgar.com We have a open server and teamspeak, players from Europe and the U.S. Always welcome to say hi!
  6. Hi guys! Most of the 159th missions do have a couple of SU25's in the flights. It is possible to switch missions with the /vote system. You are always welcome to fly on the server! We do have squad only flights a couple of times a week, then the server is pass worded. I hope that you use the 159th TeamSpeak server when you do fly on the server. http://www.159thgar.com/pages/std/servers.php Hope to see you online! :joystick:
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