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  1. I didn‘t have the entry but now I‘ve forced it off. Thanks for the tip. Offline it was rendering fine in a quick test (better visibility I‘d say even). Gotta try it online.
  2. Yesterday when flying online I noticed for the first time that in VR the pixels / dots at medium distance only get rendered on one of the eyes. It makes seeing it extremely difficult. Far out the dot is very clear and up close the lod is there and visible. But in between they sort of vanish right now.
  3. I personally would love that. I remember „Target for Tonight“ being developed so long ago. Unfortunately it never got completed (wasn‘t a commercial sim, was being done voluntarily from scratch). But for me the question is, how many others would also buy this to make this commercially viable at DCS level. Not even considering everything ED‘s got their hands tied up with already. Imagine the type of gameplay needed to get a good experience out of these types. I think that is also not everyone‘s cup of tea. There will be no dogfighting, just following instructions and
  4. Any chance you have wake turbulence turned on in your realism settings? That kills fps if you get say behind the B-17 and it lasts for minutes for me after passing behind one. The DM stutters happen to me only in single player but it is a split second without any lasting effect. And like you say, it‘s not like you have a bad graphics card. The other thing I get is sometimes when a heavily damaged aircraft is about to crash into a forrest it stutters for some 2-3 seconds but then all is good.
  5. True, if there were only one model to be picked as a module the G-6 would make the most sense, as being most versatile and well useful for two out the three scenarios. But I still think the G-14 can be derived from it and launched like the P-47 (3 different sub variants) was, still offering a distinct enough option from the K-4 (unlike the G-10) and something not completely obsolete against the allied fighters (right now it is just the opposite with the K-4 flying in mid 1944, even without MW-50). More options for mission builders too. G-10 could wait as it would make sense only from an
  6. Nice summary. Up for Krupi’s and DB 605 comments. For B) add the 109G-14 (G-6 with MW-50). For C) add the 109G-10 as it was more common as the K-4 and is very similar to it. So basically make a new module for three late war 109G models. -G-6 “late” -with added MW-50 to make it a G-14 -change the engine to the DB605D (and some more cosmetic details) to make an Mtt G-10 (Frankenstein 3D model from the G and K). Should cover pretty much everything from late 1943 onwards except for 6/14 AS variants (which could be derived pretty easily from the base G-6/14 variant). Alternativ
  7. Take a look at the table at the end of the kickstarter page (Rewards section). Nevermind the listing on the side. After the matrix tiers were added it got really complicated. $40 gets you all flyables in DCS WW II, Beta access and a backer medal. The DCS: World Mustang (what you can buy now) would be an extra, which you only get with $60 or more. So you will be able to fly the Mustang after DCS WW II is released (and in its beta). If you don't want to wait until then and want to fly the Mustang in the current modern setting of DCS World, you will need to by it. Edit: it is currently oin s
  8. Hey Yo-Yo, I know of two spitfire specialists who could perhaps help you with making some of the more specific details of the Spitfire more clear. I do not know how qualified they may be to help with performance and systems as what I read is mostly regarding static models, but they act as industry consultants for scale model manufactures and show a lot of knowledge over at Britmodeller and Hyperscale about the different variants, sub-variants, mods etc. of the Spitfire. One ist Edgar Brooks (as Edgar at the Britmodeller Forums and Edgar Brooks over at forum. largescaleplanes.com) and the
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