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  1. Dear ED Forum, I have just spent 4 hours attempting to get my Mig-21 Flaps work as they should with my 3 position switch on my TM Warthog throttle. There is lots of info out there however it still required me to edit the LUA files and do lots of trial and error. So in the hope of making it a shorter and less brain melting event for the next user I paste my findings below. Navigate the default.lua found somewhere around here: C:\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Input\MiG-21\joystick Open with text editor. Look for flaps. Add 2 lines {combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN22'}}, cockpit_device_id = devices.FLAPS, down = device_commands.Flaps0, value_down = 1.0, up = device_commands.Flaps25, value_up = 1.0, name = _('Flaps Up Toggle'), category = _('Flight Control')}, {combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN23'}}, cockpit_device_id = devices.FLAPS, down = device_commands.Flaps45, value_down = 1.0, up = device_commands.Flaps25, value_up = 1.0, name = _('Flaps Down Toggle'), category = _('Flight Control')}, Kind Regards, Jay
  2. Thanks, the repair function replaced 139mb of files and I am crash free so far :)
  3. Hi Eno, Thanks for your response! Trying that rename now. DCS.Log :
  4. Please help me find the cause :( Tried updating my drivers and cleaning stuff out but no help. Can always replicate by joining 104th dedicated server. Cant play more than 10 mins there.
  5. It's got to the point where we use Tunngle and other VPN programs to play together. Which is an extra complication and should be entirely uneccessary! Please sort it out!! :(
  6. Hi, I am not seeing all the servers my friend can see in the master server list. I sometimes can see a specific server in one refresh but not the next. I can never connect to my friends IP, I always get connection interrupted. We have both forwarded ports 10308 and have a lot of experience with multiplayer games. Is there anything I can do to make this less ?
  7. Continuity of key commands - Currently the chat key in the SU25 is Tab, the Ka50 is ` and the A10 is Rctrl+M. This is absurd and infuriating. Please sort it out. Users should not have to remap the game's basic functions to make it user friendly. Continuity in supporting functions - So we can rearm with the engine running in the A10 and KA50 ... but not the SU25? Grass Roughness - See http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=100501 More low tech and middle range SAM / AAA. Not everyone can afford an S300 PS and it seems in DCS currently it is either all or nothing. SA-2 SA-3 Zil-157 KS-19 could give a wider array of threats etc More 'area fire' by AAA weapons. We've all seen baghdad when it was getting bombed. Despite the US aircraft being at commercial airliner altitude the Iraqis were putting up a lot of AAA desperately in an attempt to hit something. DCS currently feels like a chess game, you make a wrong move and checkmate. Combat is more chaotic than this and it would be nice for AI to sometimes fire or not fire when their weapon parameters are or are not ideal depending on their skill. More randomness bult into the engine please! Ability to change options on the fly The whole process of breaking the game into different .exes is a little bit rubbish in my opinion. The copy protection is well over the top considering it is a niche game. Even if you made the whole game free tommorow and advertised on national television about how awesome it is ... only a few extra people would get it ... because not that many people know how to fly an A10C or even care. I think everyone who is in to that is already on these forums and have purchased your stuff. I know I have bought all of your titles ... sometimes more than once. But that's not the point. Currently if I am in a multiplayer game and want to change the volume differential between my engines and my cockpit or any other setting for that matter. The process is as follows: I have to exit out of the server, close the MP .exe. Start the single player .exe, change the setting, hope i judged it by the correct amount, close the singleplayer .exe, start the multiplayer .exe, rejoin the server and then carry on playing. What kind of usability is that!? Extra Mission Editor Functions Selection of multiple groups / units Easier copy and paste Show All / Hide All Functionality Layered View Filters I really like your sim ED, i will continue to support this title as it's the best out there in this genre. It gives me hours of frustrating enjoyment. I know this post might seem like a rant at times but I really want to give you criticism that is honest. There's no point in everyone saying "yeah that's great" because then you won't know which areas are sub-par.
  8. The Su-25 was built to operate near the forward edge of battle area (FEBA) from rough, "unimproved" airstrips - ED Website Unfortunately, in the sim this is not currently represented as any deviation from the taxi-ways at any low speed is instantly greeted with undercarriage entanglement or damage. Is there any plans to make the grass around airfields more wheel friendly?
  9. No Mr Viper .... it hasn't. You can sit there and smugly say it has as much as you like but as of 6 hours ago it happened to me and I don't see a patch being distributed anywhere.
  10. I seem to remember back in the old days of LOMAC the SU25 could fire multiple vikhrs and you could slew the laser between impacts to hit multiple targets. It would make sense.
  11. Rules Of Engagement. So let's say I start a mission at 07:00. Can I then use a trigger to change it to 21:00 15 minutes into the mission?
  12. Just realised there was a long wishlist about this stuff deeper in the forums. Maybe it should be a sticky ;)
  13. Hello there. This is my personal little wishlist for the current mission editor as I find it quite difficult to use quickly now. > Hotkeys assignable to functions such as Hidden/Dead. Currently the editor is very very mouse orientated, which is quite slow to use. > Ability to select multiple objects, such as with the copy and paste hotkeys, Cntrl C/V. Especially static objects as once placed these are an absolute bugger to move around. > More standard scripts available or some documented way of adding more to the list of events a trigger can activate. I.E. Add/Remove weapons/fuel/damage to a unit dynamically, change weather dynamically, change time of day dynamically, add customisable screen dialogues/effects/text to help transition the player smoothly through different stages of a mission i.e. fade in/out. > Ability to add user drawn symbols/lines to the theatre map / ability to replace the theatre map with an image file. So perhaps instead of the theatre map, you get a scribbled set of coordinates/directions/frequencies or sketch map. > Ability to change coalitions dynamically or implement a rules of engagement change i.e. War/Peacetime/Ceasefire. In complicated territorial disputes such as Abkhazia/South Ossetia the need for a more complex ROE is essential in my opinion, determinable by events even more so. > Modulated way to change terrain/theatre without overriding the default map. DCS is a great series however as we saw in 2008 the most the Americans are going to do in Georgia is offer their 'Deepest Sympathy' that they are getting stomped on by the Russians. There are modders making custom terrain and it would be nice to see some variety available in a module format for when DCS A10 arrives. > Finally and unrealistically (but if you don't ask you'll never get) a realtime 3D preview mode when placing units in the editor. I know we have the multiplayer/singleplayer combine to allow fairly quick viewing but I demand perfection! :D If there is anything I have mentioned that is possible with the some magickry.lua I do apologise and could you please explain it to me in short ... slow .. sentences :) Thanks, Jay Edit: Sorry, I created a new thread about this because I thought I was all original and all :(
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