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  1. I'm really not sure what has happened to the community since roughly around the time the Hornet went into early access. A few years ago we usually joined a server to have a good time. We join multiplayer knowing that this is not all on our own terms. Every now and then the other guy will have a good time at our expense. It's all about the challenge of figuring out how to beat the other guy. And sometimes the other guy figures out a way to get into your base and kills you when you spawn. Or some other evil things, like clipping your aircraft while flying low altitude airshow over t
  2. The test server is hosted from a slightly different location at the moment (one of our founding members, PoleCat). Might explain why you have different latency. There seems to be an issue with the motherboard driver randomly disabling the network adapter every now and then. This is why the server went down a couple times in the last week or so. Paul chased down a possible fix, we'll keep testing with that. Definitely don't want this to happen in the datacenter
  3. We decided to keep hosting on the new machine for a couple days to get more data. Thanks for everyone who joined tonight! A few things that are W.I.P.: - SRS is not working (we believe we found the root cause, might be fixed overnight by Fallen) - LotAtc is not available yet
  4. Thanks for everyone who joined and I'm sorry about the warehouse and random failure issues. Neither of them were intentional and from the mission settings it looked like these problems should not have existed. We thought we found a fix, which is why we restarted about 1 hour into it (although I think round 1 was already won by blue at that point). Unfortunately that didn't work out either. I think the only live solution to blue losing about 10 players in the 2nd round would have been to redistribute some guys to blue from red. This was totally unexpected and I got multiple PMs minutes befo
  5. The event will be held with ECM available. I'd like to remind everyone that this is a friendly community event. I have faith in the community that they join these events to take part in the mission and have a good time. If someone still decides to blatantly exploit this bug then they will face the consequences.
  6. Congrats guys! The jeffs were a lot a lot stronger in this format than I expected.
  7. You described it much better than I could. Currently as far as I know there are a couple of triggers that result in synchronization (shooting, missile active, impact) but between that it's the wild west resulting extreme desync due to being totally independent for dozens of seconds throughout it's flight. Even if you have an extremely poor tick rate like 16 ( most competitive shooters use 64 or 128 ) you would have completely negligible impact of lag because the general position and parameters of the missiles would be consistent between clients. Instead now you have often multiple miles d
  8. You don't understand the problem. I'm sure you've been in a scenario in an FPS game where you shot someone on your client side, you pressed the button, but this was not registered by the server and you died. Nothing happened, the other guy happily lived ever after. Translating the DCS implementation to the above FPS scenario the person you hit on your client side would die afterwards. I can't think of a single FPS game that works like that. To make it worse in DCS you have a lot larger history of movement, especially for missiles or bullets where this has a HUGE impact on the other clien
  9. TBH they should remove chaff alltogether, rework multiplayer architecture to get rid of all desync issues and then tune missiles to work well without chaff or any EW. Then subsequently add all these elements. It's nonsensical to trigger kills based on a client's PoV, while all other clients see something else. It brings so much inconsistency that even if you tune the other things it will make it extremely hard to monitor the results and determine if something works as intended or not.
  10. I had a quick try, yanking the stick in a level turn at M0.8 in a clean jet in previous patch you would gloc after 90 degrees of turning. After the patch you gloc after roughly 180 degrees of turning using the same method, no prior g warmup. It also looks like you can dip into high g a bit longer now, but cannot sustain more than 8 g for longer periods (more than 15s or so).
  11. Could anyone post the original threads of which bugs were fixed by these points for the Viper? Thanks!
  12. There is also a comment about generic increase of g tolerance. I'm curious what these 2 combined amounts to.
  13. Your maneuvers resulted in a displacement compared to the original course at launch insufficient to remove you from the seeker search cone and you failed to maintain mountain masking. Hence the missile reacquired you when you re-entered the line of sight of the missile. From the only source you provided the missile is flying level 1 g prior to you re-entering line of sight at which point it reacquires and intercepts. It may or may not have turned before that but this cannot be determined based on this video. You could definitely say it was bad luck. However, more importantly you should take
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