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  1. Crappy non immersive storyline, doubtful message ("war is great!"), some nice air battle footage Review in german: http://www.einslive.de/magazin/kino_dvd/kino_2008/04/der_rote_baron.jsp
  2. Great stuff. Such a simple video, but it doesn't fail to deliver its message: the FM looks pretty authentic
  3. Yes, you don't even need to buy the tracker. Freetrack allows you to use a simple webcam and some diodes for headtracking-very cheap (~40$). There are people who use the naturalpoint ir clip in combination with freetrack. I guess it should also be possible to use a diy clip with the naturalpoint track ir device. This is going to be my next project- great stuff. More infos: http://www.free-track.net/english/
  4. Outstanding work- really nice. Can't wait to see the final outcome.
  5. By watching lockon videos there has been something bothering me about the AI appearance. Convoys of vehicles look a little odd because they line up in a row perfectly. I think it would be nicer to have a random small offset from the centerline. That's my suggestion for today :)
  6. Exactly. During my german airforce time i worked as a service guy on the Tornados... broken things were normal! Those birds need a lot of attention.
  7. Damn that's fast. It all depens on the spring rate. AFAIK gassprings usually have a very low spring rate which results in an almost constant force.
  8. Thx. Keepins things simple is usually the most difficult part :joystick: I got those gassprings, not dampers, from ebay. They are really strong (200N Force =~20 Kg), but because of the the way they are mounted, the low spring spring rate and friction the forces of the two springs cancel each other out so there is no centering force. If you can find weaker gas springs i would prefer them, because those 20 Kg ones i have are quite a beast to mount. Anyways the feel they offer is pretty good with a nice resistance and damping. Gaysan gasspring GF-30 (200N) http://cgi.ebay.de/2-Gasdruckdaempf
  9. Hmm.. did i ever talk about that? I don't know... i posted some pictures for sure.. what exactly do you need?
  10. Thx! Yes pitbuilding is a lot of fun and sometimes i'm not really sure what makes more fun- playing or simming :) Glad you like it. The frame is selfbuild. I decided to use those alu profiles because they allow me to be very flexible with the setup, seating position etc. Okay, i guess i will start with a small panel for the ABRIS system and then i will see if i need more once BS has been released.
  11. I would love to build a complete cockpit but for several reasons i have to stick with my current "multi purpose game frame", which of course isn't bad either. This allows me switching between different setups for simracing or flying. I'm using a plasma lite v2 for all the switches and potis. This device also supports rotary encoders, which might be, as you mentioned, pretty useful for operating the ABRIS system. But what kind of switches could be useful too?
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