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  1. This works for me: do not move until oil temp reaches 45°C. Then open cooling flaps fully and let them open on take off and if possible even while cruising. Close them only just before combat.
  2. Stuttering last only a short time, i.e. while I fly over craters after leaving airodrome circuit with my flight.... Moreover it is most noticed only if I look at the craters, .i.e. while they are rendered on the screen. No big deal, just wrote it for your info... I guess the craters are not optimized, so IMHO better not to use them at all.
  3. Report from Mission 11: bomb craters field SW of Merville couses massive FPS drop as well as stuttering.
  4. Just finished Horrido! mission 10 a no problem with A8 at all.
  5. I think not at least at sea level and at 6000 m.
  6. Well, Wallhala informed me about P-47s and I choose to react but after the aerial combat I was distracted by talking to my son and flew a while on the NW instead of 17° and then I had to turn to 90° directly to Merville. So I probably missed the trigger point Thanks for the tip how to skip the misson.
  7. I have just finished mission 9. Destroyed few vehicles and shot down P-47. Though I have noticed light demage on my wings I managed to land at Merville, rolled out of runway and switched off the engine. BUT the mission did not counted as finished and so I have to fly it again Any idea why? And also: is it possible to continue in a campaing and not to fly this mission again? THX BTW: with Easy Communication set ON the voice control via VOICE ATTACK works well in the campaign.
  8. Well, my project of building realistic trim wheel is finished and I can say it is a success Basically a cheap solution with parts mainly from chinesse e-shop aliexpress.com Solution: two metal axis with diameter 8 mm, small ball bearings, belt pulleys 60teeth and 20teeth for 3D printer, and 100kOhm pot with metal axis (diameter 4 mm) More photos as well as list of links for parts see my blog post here: http://www.warbirds-blog.cz/?p=7257 (the text of my BLOG is in czech language but I think the photos tell most of the story Conclusion:
  9. Looks like REPLIKA Gear is going to produce high quality trim boxes: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/236987-wwii-replika-throttles/?do=findComment&comment=4494205 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62313-replika-gear/?do=findComment&comment=1026963
  10. Well, the answer: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/168657-vaicom-pro-plugin-for-voiceattack/?do=findComment&comment=4498708
  11. THX very much, I did not know that.
  12. Hi Hollywood, I am using VAICOM plugin for WWII planes only. It is a great tool and I love it. Unfortunatelly it seems to not work with FW 190A-8 The correct behaviour with other WWII planes: I press PTT button on my joystick and then I spoke command. The command is immediately carried out without opening comm menu. But if I want to open Comm menu I can do it anytime via "Radio pushbutton" (RALT + /) The incorrect behaviour in FW 190A-8 missions: I press PTT button on my joystick and then I spoke command. The command is not carried out untill I pres
  13. Just tested Fw 190A more extensively with VAICOM. Conclusion: No single mission with this plane works well with VAICOM. I have to correct also the above statements about Horrido! because NO mission from the campaign works with VAICOM. So it seems the problem si FW 190 A-8 not the campaign nor missions. All other missions and campaings with other WWII planes works well with VAICOM plugin. EDIT: I posted this problem to VAICOM thread here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/168657-vaicom-pro-plugin-for-voiceattack/?do=findComment&comment=4498598
  14. OK, I found out that friedly AI drop tanks correctly after command "engage bandits" The problem is VOICE ATTACK more precisely it's plugin VAICOM. In all single missions as well as scripted campaings including your Blue nose bastards VAICOM plugin works OK (I have just tested many of them). But not in Horrido! campaign missions More precisely in most of them not. e.g in misson nr. 2 it seems to work (at least the first 5 minutes - I did not tested it longer), in mission 1 (submarine affair) it do not work at all etc. The correct behaviour: I pre
  15. I was talking about Fw 190 A-8 AI. Well, in the last few missions (I guess since the mission no. 3) I have not available Comm menu so I cannot give orders via F10 to attack. EDIT: I am using VAICOM plugin for VOICE ATTACK to give orders via mic. Now I tried to not run Voice Attack and Comm menu at the start of mission 5 is available. I will try to fly all the next misson without VA and let you know here about the availability of Comm menu as well as about drop tanks after F10 attack command.
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