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  1. My thoughts exactly. Also I presume that is the reason why they were showing the Fw190A painted as a Zero so prominently in the 2022 beyond video.
  2. Yes it did. In the last 45s you can see the system in action:
  3. They are the same shown here. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/downloads/screenshots/572/
  4. Except escort and photographing the attack Corsairs did strafe flak batteries and dive bombed the Tirpitz. The faster Corsairs could attack ahead of the Barracudas before the German smoke screen was fully deployed and obscuring the target. They were also possible involved in some attacks against coastal shipping. All in all the FAA launched some 12 attacks against the Tirpitz or close targets between April and late August 1944, divided into 8 fleet sorties.
  5. From Facebook. Night lightning
  6. Actually yes. Ju88 could just drop torpedoes when released, no bombs. They came later.
  7. M3 was talking about doing some Japanese ground assets by themselves last year. But I hope ED has some things in the pipeline too for the WW2 versions of the Marinas map and their rumored F6F module. https://leatherneck-sim.com/2020/05/20/crouching-update/
  8. Exactly. For example the Solomon Islands (including Bougainville) have a land area of just 38.000 km², that's less than an 200 x 200 km square, sparsely inhabited and mostly covered by jungle. This size is comparable to the current, much more populated, WW2 maps and much less than Syria.
  9. Looks like the new DM is not yet available for 3rd party developers :
  10. The Germans had flooded parts of Normandy to delay the allied advance. When the Normandy map was still done by RRG 8 years ago it was part of their plan to depict this accurately. That water body might be a leftover from this period. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/508681281/dcs-wwii-europe-1944/posts/619858 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Carentan
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