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  1. Discord certainly looks less time consuming to me. I can understand why it is a more attractive solution for small dev teams. It is universal communications platform that can also be used for internal and private talk and all kind of hobbies. Text messages or Voice. Just one window to see everything that is happening. One continuous chat for all things Harrier to monitor, where people write one or two sentences, instead of dozens of threads with long posts as in a forum.
  2. Long ago ED posted a series of videos that demonstrate how maps are created with their terrain tools. However, they are almost six years old by now, so much could have changed in the meantime.
  3. From Razbams Facebook page. APKWS for the Harrier work in progress
  4. Indeed. I hope we will see many more Pacific islands maps in the future. Once ED has created a basic set of 3D models for vegetation and WW2 airfield buildings they should be able to to them with considerable less effort than the other DCS maps we've got so far.
  5. They are answering questions daily on their discord. Just this forum isn't used as primary means to communicate with their user base anymore.
  6. The total land area of the Solomon Islands archipelago is below 40.000 km², that's a 200 x 200 km square. Even today most of it is just covered with jungles and scattered small villages, even more so during WW2. It no comparison too any of the current maps in DCS, that all include some urban agglomerations.
  7. Since we will be flying the Corsair predominantly against German aircraft for some time the paint scheme used by the FAA for Europe based Corsairs would be nice. Colors: Upper surfaces: Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey Underside: Sky
  8. I've only seen images of Japanese AH-64Ds carrying the wingtip mounted Stingers. Obviously not a capability that was necessary for real world conflicts in the last decades, but it would be very nice to have in DCS were things are more balanced.
  9. Not to mention the FC planes, we already have 2 versions of the Fw-190 and F-14. Razbam has announced more Harriers, with the vastly different Sea Harrier coming next. There is always hope for more F4Us.
  10. Cunctator

    Corsair Hype!

    Finally! The long wait is coming to an end.
  11. A year ago the showed an Essex Class CV model in game that will be released together with the F4U-1D.
  12. The decision to add the D9 was made when DCS WW2 was not a thing, to have an Axis counterpart that can fight the P-51D on equal footing, just as we only have the F-86 and MiG-15 for Korea. I think the K4 was the real mistake. They should have made the G-6 or G-14 instead, the true workhorses of the Luftwaffe and in service until the end of the war. When late WW2 Europe comes to my mind I think about Luftwaffe fighters desperately attacking huge, escorted, heavy bomber formations. That is the direction I would pursue as ED to flesh out the Europe theater. Expand the current Channel map to the n
  13. Not always, the first stretch goal was changed midway through the kickstarter campaign, when Luthier begun to believe that the Me 262 would be more popular and thus more likely to raise more money. When would you consider a WW2 theater finished? Every single vehicle, plane and map? Half of them? Just the most important ones, but that would already be the matter of much debate. The entire timeframe or only the most crucial battles? I don’t think that it is possible or even desirable to spend that many resources for each warzone. Adding anything to DCS seems to require a lot of man h
  14. The 2013 Kickstarter was a giant mess. It was run by Ilya Shevchenko, with the online nickname Luthier, who is apparently a nice and passionate guy but a poor project manager. All his previous flight sim projects had to be saved by someone else and before that he had some business in the US that he was force to shut down in about 2002. For me the kickstarter was a high risk investment from the beginning. I guess Luthier hoped this would become a flight sim repeat of Star Citizens success story with millions raised. When the money didn't flow in as expected he looked increasingly desperate
  15. Originally in the early 2000s, when LOMAC was first released and was the only up to date jetfighter sim left on the market. A few years later I was heavily invested in FSX when Black Shark was released and got a lot of praise, I then returned for FC2 and A-10C.
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