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  1. Seems popular. I have spotted an article all about it in an old warplane magazine and it's got me interested. Ready for the next flash sale and I'll pounce. I play a lot on the multiplayer cold war server and I see a lot of them in use and they look great.
  2. Definitely need more folks using simple radio SRS. Enhances the experience big time imho
  3. secret is to trim the aircraft properly I reckon, make sure you're keeping it in trim. Hope this helps
  4. Does anyone know the hotkey for the players pool? I can't seem to find it
  5. What dive angle speed and reticle depression do you use for 500 feet release? I'm always trying out different combinations looking for the holy grail.
  6. That's the largest DCS world image I've seen short of projecting the image, awesome stuff!
  7. Apparently some software coding allows g-sync to be used on certain types of freesync monitors (compatible list on nvidia website) although works on more than stated by nvidia. Not sure how it compares to a pure g-sync built-in monitor. PS I'm very interested in the latest higher res samsung qled 49 incher, could be a big improvement over the 2018 monitor version.
  8. Got in a tangle with a Mig-19 near Elbrus last night good fun indeed. Also inspired me to recalibrate my Track-IR which is good. Really enjoy this server, keep up the good work donation sent!
  9. cold war server is good for F5 action although it's very realistic so no external views etc.
  10. Used SRS for the first time this evening and I think that combined with this cold war server is as good as it gets. The level of realism forces you to be position aware and heightens the senses. Levels of realism as good as I could imagine without actually being in the military, top marks!
  11. It would be great to see a bit of a makeover for the F5, it's such a fantastic aircraft to fly in DCS
  12. Thanks ED, it's good to be back with a normal HUD again
  13. Well folks I have exactly the same issue. HUD on my F5 is a patch of squares that have varying shades of green after the latest update. Is there any way to roll-back the update. Need a fix for this as the F5 is my main and favourite aircraft.
  14. Can't wait for this one good luck with the project! Especially the map, used to play Janes IAF many years ago and it was fantastic.
  15. I went with the trackIR after much thought and now that I'm used to it I think I've made the correct choice for me. The graphics just ain't there as yet on the VR but they're getting there. Plus the attendant issues of keys and buttons to press with VR compared to the ease of use with trackIR.
  16. I have tried around 20 approaches and only managed to hook the wires once, every other time I ended up in the water or back around for another go. I guess the F5 just ain't really naval carrier ops aircraft. Anybody got any tips on technique to hook the wire better?
  17. This aircraft is a nightmare on takeoff and landing, got to be the hardest in DCS. I will try your 20 degrees of flap for TO
  18. GTX 1080 ti works fine with a 3440x1440 as long as the other PC specs are up to scratch etc.
  19. I'm thinking the same. Many aircraft types involved in that conflict and good for combined arms also I think a lot of people would appreciate this theatre of war.
  20. don't think this beast has aileron trim, just use the command for rudder +1 or -1 to fine tune
  21. Pretty sure the F-5 was used a lot in Vietnam, I have a book all about it a lot of talk about Skoshi Tigers seemed to get going around October 1965. Can get the book on amazon it's called F-5 Tigers over Vietnam by Anthony J. Tambini
  22. This has really gotten me into the Normandy map and ww2 era, it's really immersive stuff. Up to now I've really just been an F5 addict!
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