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  1. @Swift. I just stumbled on this topic. I want to add my two cents; but I have not read all the posts. So I don't know if it had been said before. I do not believe that violence is all bad. There is such a thing as contextual violence. I also do not understand how one could say he/she is a pacifist. The vast majority of us all do not go around harming others. Clearly that makes us pacifists. But does that mean you will be a pacifist in all situations? No. If you see an innocent person being harmed, would you not do something to stop it? I am talking about an legal action here (Non-violent or violent.), like calling the police or even self-defense. This bring me to simulation games. I try to act within the law when I play these games. Nowadays most military games (Simulation level or not.) punish you in some form when you break the law. To me role playing games and other action games (Like Hitman.) are much worse. Here your side is the right side no matter what you do. I was in the military (SANDF) and I do have a little knowledge about military law. Violence is a terrible thing; but if no law-abiding citizens act violently in a lawful manner (Like the police.) when warranted, society would collapse. I have read allot about wars over the years. I personally have seen many causes in the past which I would have been willing to go to war for. Also, in simulation games you train to use certain equipment in that game. If you look at it like that then you would realize that it really doesn't matter on whose side you are on. Why? In Red Flag for instance there is aggressor squadrons that "fight" against their own military as a training aid. If in a simulation you are playing on a side you do not agree with, it serves an instrumental purpose to yourself and others (In the case of multilayer.) beyond entertainment. You said the thing that bothers you is basically "hurting" others. "When I see an armored vehicle on fire, I can not stop thinking about the crew inside." Then I suggest you should get a "mental trigger". That means: At what point will I go over and use "lethal force" in-game. Well for me it is the same a the law of my country. Think of it this way: He got a weapon. He is coming my way and he is willing to use it on me and others. In the case of military transport, comms, etc: They are aiding their side by supplying their combatants with the means of killing our people. In the case of medical vehicles: They take care of their injured. Under law I can not fire at them. Etc. Lastly. Do not think in the terms of: It is either him or me. Rather think that if you do not stop him, others will get hurt. So: It is either him or my friends.
  2. Actually. I heard years ago (Before 2001.) that back then the USA was already the country with the highest dept in the world. Clearly war will always been economically bad for a country; but there are other factors involved. Western nations just have bad economical policy. That is not the only reason though. So my statement is a gross oversimplification. Here in South Africa we are much better. Except that our government is stealing the budget and mismanaging that which they couldn't steal.:thumbup:
  3. Don't know if this have been posted here yet or not... Here's Gripen in South African advertisement. PS This was made by feminists. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSvoG78g4C8
  4. When the USA sneezes, the rest of the word gets a cold. When China test their handgun, the rest of the world reaches for theirs.
  5. Is this for real? If so, I think it should give the anti-Raptor media in the USA a reason to STFU!
  6. This has been stated before. By pushing for FC3, Eagle Dynamics has given us the fastest option for a battlefield with many player-controllable platforms. If they went for say: DCS MiG 29C; then we would have ended up with a unbalanced sim. This way both sides can put up a fight in air-to-air and air-to-ground.
  7. Understood. But I would like constructive criticism rather than bash other people's work. I have seen it so many times before. I am feeling the ripples right now from a situation where a coworker left my department (That is already understaffed.) because other people continuously insulted his work although he was very good at it. Now some guys complain and imply that people should not support Eagle Dynamics. It must be extremely demoralizing to get this attitude for your work.
  8. Nah. Why don't we just b!t@h about other people's hard work and moan like little spoiled brats when we don't get whant we want immediately.
  9. No it will be like a 8/10 girl amongst 10/10 girls. To me, what Eagle dynamics is doing is making perfect sense. If you think that they are doing a "half ass" job, why don't you create a DCS quality F15C for us? We all would buy it.
  10. It looks to me that the helicopter's “back is broken”. It can probably not be controlled. Yes and the poor pilot probably burned alive.
  11. I find that on LSD you have to move the slider completely to the left to play; because it gets to hectic with all the fire breathing dragons and smurfs chucking hatchets at you!:shocking:
  12. I drew it for you so you can see. It usually appears after you take two hits of LSD.:prop:
  13. Yes. But you can still see enemy radar signal strength. So you can guess when the other guy is able to launch.
  14. Hey. I got a question to all. When you are in the NEZ of a modern missile like Amraam, is it possible to outmaneuver it (In real life and in game.)? Let me explain my question. I want to know if when you fly a contemporary aircraft like Mig29, Su27, F15, etc, will you be able to change acceleration, position and altitude so dramatically that you can dodge an amraam in the NEZ. I don't play alot. The single time I played online I was able to dodge missles comming head on by jinking violently and dropping chaff. Off-line is another story (I have missle slider set to full.). I have not been able to dodge an amraam by trying to outmaneuver it. This is great. I like the fact that the Eagle is so damn deadly. But I would like to know if there is a way to survive in the NEZ. Off the point here. When I got FC2 and flew against AI F15 the first time I noticed that I only get launch warning once the amraam goes active. That is so freaking awsome! Thank you Eagle Dynamics for incorperating this!:thumbup:
  15. "F-16, F-15 or F-18 its the only possibility for the next,..." I would be glad if we get any of these. But I would prefer F15E over F15C because it's multirole. Then Russian fast jet. That would be the best for multi player.
  16. Personally, I realy like the looks of the A7 (And A8.). I like the intake that looks like a gaping mouth of a predator. A7 has a great combat history as well.
  17. Man, if they make any +- Mach 2 fighter up to the quality of Black Shark 1, I will be p1$$ing in my pants! ... But in a good way.:thumbup:
  18. Hope the 16 000 police make a diference tonight. To all you over there; stay save.
  19. I hope your wife doesn't check your credit card purchasses. If she does (I assume you left a paper trail when you bought it.) you will be in a "danger close" situation. If not hide the box and other stuff it comes with and get ridd of your old stick. This way it might go unnoticed. Also. Remember marrage is not unlike warfare; disinformation is your friend.:thumbup:
  20. Ah crap. Just heard he was asked to surrender. He died bravely.
  21. It just shows me he was full of BS. Let his men fight the fight and die while he sits back in luxury. Know they are probably going to make out like he fought to the end and that he is a martyr to his cause. But in fact he was probably taken out from a distance by sniper while US special forces stormed his little "home away from home".
  22. Any HiFi sim of a modern war plane would be great. But I would rather prefer DCS (Multirole Fighter). Something like F 18 or F 16 or Mirage 2000, etc. That is both air-to-air and air-to-ground. These three are also widely exported. All Eagle Dynamics simulated aircraft so far are relatively specialized in their roles. I what something that would apeal to both AA and AG fans. Something that is high performance, BVR capable and can use guided munitions in AG role. Hell, what about the Phantom! The Su25 has a little wider application than the A 10 though (And I love the A 10!). So that is quite nice.
  23. Thanks. Thats good news. Enjoy the long weekend.
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