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  1. When time is involved, always include a midnight tick-over test
  2. Apologies for the delay, away from home most of the week. if you can cover the shipping, I can post it
  3. Gametrix KW-908 JETSEAT TURBOJET Feedback Seat Pad Link here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254875227949 Fully functional, comes as shown - working well, reluctantly selling due to home office changes. KW908 has eight vibromotors. Connection to a computer is via the USB port and/or audio output. The cushion supports two main modes of interaction with games: force feedback via USB interception of sound through audio output I had the seemingly common pin 13 issue, which meant that I had to bypass it as show
  4. Agreed But they’ve got the money haven’t they? Not much leverage now
  5. Yes, looking forward to this too. Is the tendency for it to synchronise sometimes, and other times not?
  6. What are you fighting against? What BVR tactics are you deploying? There’s not really enough info for anyone to try and help you - BVR is a game within a game. Maybe post a track or a tacview file
  7. Hey all, Does anyone have any experience or advice for trying to plan fuel for flights with the C-101EB? Thanks in advance for any help
  8. This would be fantastic! Especially if it was available for both models
  9. I’m sorry, but I completely stopped using other sims because I was doing this level of tweaking. Spending more time reading, tweaking software and hardware, than actual flying. So I appreciate your efforts, but is there a TLDR?
  10. Unfortunately we’ve heard these type of responses before, when critical fixes have taken several months to materialise. It gives people a sense of hope so people continue to hang around (That’s taking essential critical fixes separately from improvements - i.e., think of the promised 50% VR performance increase a while ago....) This has already been going on for months! These performance issues should be towards the top of the list of priorities (crashes taking top priority)
  11. Still absolutely terrible! And I remember when we were told to look forward to an approx. 50% increase in VR performance. At this rate. it'll be an exponential decrease
  12. Echo everything you said, top post and the least they could do for such a bad update :thumbup:
  13. Mirrors off, MSAA off, SSLR off here Unplayable performance in in comparison to the last 2.5.5 build. FPS in the low teens on the ground in NTTR MP servers, ~20 in the air
  14. Substantial new model & textures, realistic comms (including LSO) coinciding with Case I/II/III ops, some deck crew. AI won't be following any of the procedures unfortunately though, so you'll be alone in the stack.
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