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  1. cabzi

    Better Smoke

    A beautiful idea, but if they can’t incorporate even Mustang’s ridiculously small modification of desert textures, then this has no chance.
  2. cabzi

    Better Smoke

    Soon? Not likely. Me, you and everyone else here shall be many moons older before that happens. Have you seen the new clouds around yet?
  3. cabzi

    Better Smoke

    Lol.. a good one, mate.
  4. It is bugged. Let's just hope that this is on their "2500 bugs to go"-list.
  5. Anyone else having problems with the mod + latest OB + F-14B? Tried a couple of instant action mission and the plane spawns without missiles if the mod is active.
  6. Sorry, but no. Why are you comparing a touched-up/filtered photo from ground level to what it really looks like up in the air? I think the haze should be even more prominent, but it is going to right direction. So no bug here.
  7. Loaded up my go-to testing mission for Viper "Offensive Basic Fighter Maneuvers". Shot two AIM-9Xs, 2 AMRAAMs and full belt on MiG 29 and the sucker just keeps on flying. I don't know if I should laugh or cry, but now I know 100% sure that ED or beta testers or whatever don't give a flying f*ck, how this module operates.
  8. No MAVs for Viper or anything else for that matter. :(
  9. Yea, unfortunately at the moment the AG Radar MAP mode is as useful as an ultrasound picture of a 10-week old baby. Can't see s*it.
  10. Just slew the TGP to another target and designate with TDC - depress. No need to undesignate in between.
  11. TWS got even worse in today's patch. Can't cycle targets with TMS right or change antenna elevation.
  12. Yea, I got it the first time, thank you.. still frustrated that before F-16C launch there were talks about "hand-in-hand" development with the Hornet. Have seen zero sign of that after release.
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