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  1. What kind of events? Means new missions?
  2. Дорогие разработчики, Почему во Второй Мировой Войне бегают муджахеды с калашами? Почему у американского сержанта каска капитана?
  3. Hello guys, We made some changes: 1. Weather change (added dynamic weather) 2. Reduced mission duration 3. Adjusted amount of AAA 4. Adjusted custom labels visibility and opacity Now we are working on bombers raids over France.
  4. Hi guys, Our TeamSpeak server down. We will fix the problem ASAP sorry After first run "Wings over France", yesterday, we analyzed some issues and made couple of changes. It is still very important to save plane. They are limited at airfields. As today all plane cold started. We'll see how it works, if necessary we'll add hot started too. thanks. TeamSpeak server back online
  5. Hello guys, Quick update. We started to work on new set of missions. The general idea of missions are planes. Amount of planes. How it works. It’s going to be airbases from both side of front line. Amount of planes will be limited and goal is to save planes, Very important to land. If base lost all planes it still going to be base for refuel and rearming but to grab new plane you have to from far base. If that base also lost all planes you will go another base. If you like to take plane from far base you can do it. That was planes settings. Also will be ships with soldiers and armors. Reds
  6. Hello guys, Server back on DCS: 2.1.0 only Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Steel Balls Server randomly host DCS 1.5 and 2.1 missions. We are testing this option now. Subject to change. Just trying to help those pilots who still have only DCS: 1.5 and don't able to buy Normandy or upgrade computer. Thanks a lot
  8. Дорогие девелоперы ну что за фигня ((((((((((( Что случилось с прицелом Мустанга? Два огромных черных пятна и через них не фига не видно. Второе - дымы от заводов стали черные видать за много километров. Трава мелькает на аэродроме. Короче неделя убита у меня.
  9. Dear friends, Steel Balls - Normandy online Statistic at http://www.steelballs.us/stats/ also activated. Come get score and be number one (numero uno) Couple of things we wanna bring to you guys. DCS: Normandy and WWII pack are still ALFA, there is a lot of changes or fixes must be done. I believe we have to be thankful for everything made by ED team. About Steel Balls server: We making changes every day. We put modern AAA because...... everyone knows why. Yesterday, May 29th we accidentally left lables ON, sorry for that. Thanks to all of you who flying on SB serer, thanks to that pe
  10. Thanks man, we work to make it better. ))))
  11. ЗЕНИТКИ, где зенитки??????????????
  12. Server back online. Statistics will be ready Monday
  13. Server down for migration to Normandy Map
  14. Даже у нас в Америке уже 26 Мая, вот зе фак?
  15. That is very good question. We did not discussed about it. After we migrate to 2.1.0 we'll back to this conversation. thanks for flying with us.
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