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  1. Hi, just to make sure as i the whole steam / standalone thing is very confusing ( some modules work, others dont ). if i buy the hornet on steam, will the key also work on standalone ? i found this but is it up to date ? : "Please note though that keys purchased on the Steam store will work on DCS World downloaded from the DCS Store. " https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=125452 greetings & thanks tobs
  2. Hi, this bothers me for years - can u please remove the automatic dcs-start from the updater ? As the download takes a while i just want to run the update in background while doing something else without having to start dcs afterwards. greetings, tobs
  3. whoops hmm normaly the it auto-updated for me , seems since i added command line parameter to the dcs-icon to toggle directly start in vr / non vr it doesnt auto-check for updates anymore, so i missed last weeks update - doh well atleast its an easy fix thanks
  4. Hi, im running 2.5 open beta standalone and steam latest versions - in standalone 2.5 my multiplayer serverbrowser doesnt show a single server while the steam version fully works ( can join / fly online ). im not sure since when this is a problem as i recently only flew the steam version i already repaired the standalone 2.5 ob and added it to windows firewall to be sure as i moved dcs to a new ssd any ideas on how to fix this ?
  5. I cant get why they cant atleast just provide steam keys for modules one bought on ED as so many other games / shops do. Even if they fear that one would gift his "extra" steam key to someone else they could simply add the Ed-Login to the steam version and check if that steam key belongs to this account. I only own the Harrier on Steam and expect f18 and persian golf every other module/map on ED, but i would like to move over to steam completly as downloading updates is so much better with steam ( automatic updating, pause downloads, bandwith limiting... )
  6. thanks, ill give that dcs update utillity a try - but for now i went with two seperate desktop icons and it works perfectly
  7. Hello, im just wondering if there is a way to start Dcs directly in VR or Non-Vr to avoid the long loading times when toggling between modes. Is there a launch-parameter ? Greetings, tobs
  8. well a game simulation isnt about having an exact 3d and physical model where every single part has its properties and interacts with everything around in realtime, maybee doing so would even be simpler than the devs actual work cause they have the hard task to take all that flight/perfomance data and create (mathematical) models that reassemble the behaviour. The further u push the plane into extremes, the less data there is - so its only logical that the models will allow odd things. Short, if u want a realistic experience u dont just need a realistic helo-sim but also a realistic (simulated) pilot, if u fly manouvers noone would fly in real life u cant blame the model as its not doing what its meant to do. Not saying that every odd behaviour should be ignored but theres a limit on whats possible / reasonable effort Overall i realy love the gazelle - while the fm might still need tweaking ( i cant say cause i never flew a real one) lets not forget the gazelle was the first module after very long time to implement new and unique features and even a bunch off differnt versions so if its about the effort put into the module, i think u realy cant complain and i have no doubt that polychomp will keep up the great work once they figured out their legal stuff.
  9. im flying dcs for more than 10 jears and the ka50 is still one of my favorites especialy for online missions. To me its the most effective Air to Ground weapon in Dcs, especialy for hunting sams. One key to success is situational awareness - beginning with the briefing to chatting with allies about enemy positions, the other key is to stay low and avoid flying over anything that blocks your view / keep atleast 5km from cities or forrest where enemys may hide. If u need to get higher to spot behind something blocking your view always use hills as cover unless ure sure theres no enemy around you. Spotting targets is hard in all dcs modules ( agree on the gazelle as best scout atm ) but the ka50 gives you a map, including your flight path and your shkvals position which helps narrowing in the search area. An Rwr would be a nice addon, but most radar threads can be avoided staying low - more dangerous are tanks and tows, which the laser warning helps to deal with. Ir missiles are dangerous when close, but the vikhrs easily outrange them and the ka50 is very good at evading missiles. When i see the launch i very seldom get hit, either by getting low/behind something or by strafing very hard. Last but not least the ka50 can take a lot of fire and has high chances to make it back to a farp when hit. so i can only recommend the ka50
  10. same here, getting disconnected shortly after spawning in the viggen - tested to see if it only happens in the viggen & already discussed in this thread - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=181640 the odd thing is that ( to mee) it seems to start totally randomly ( theres no specific action that triggers the disconnecting) , but once you got the disconnect-problem its like a blockade / a stable session cant be forced by trying again and again. Yesterday i started my pc go to multiplayer and flew without problems, then took a break and returned an hour later ( same server/mission & slot ) and it disconnected me seconds after spawning. Then i tried 10 or more times to fly the viggen on the same server and always got disconnected after spawn, rebooted multiple times, tried different servers, always the same - two hours later started dcs tried again and still couldnt fly the viggen, watched a movie, then flew the viggen in singleplayer and just before shutting down the pc i though i might give it one more try, so tried again and could fly online for two hours. Today i tried three times and had no luck. at first it seemed that flying singleplayer before entering multiplayer helped, but it was only coincidence as i tried to fly solo to end the "blockade" multiple times, further stuff that had no effect: rebooting, repairing dcs, setting terrain preload to minimum ( seems to be a problem with it in 1.56) , making sure port 10308 tcp/upd is open, autoexe fix described in the thread linked above, removing mods ( i only had simple radio and reshade ), closing background programms & praying. well its a beta module in a beta world...
  11. i thought u have to take off from the runway/direction shown/selected in bana/grans computer-mode inorder for the nav-system to do its thing ( cause the computer needs to know which heading it should compare the takeoff-heading to )- first two numbers show the runway, the others the heading.
  12. the mavs also dont work if you carryed another weapon earlier - just did my first run with bombs, returned to base and grabbed some rockets, took out some artillery and then wanted to come back with mavs for some tanks - rearming itself works but the mavericks sight wont activate, neither in anf or nav+trigger unsafe.
  13. not sure if its just coincidence but i just removed dcs simple radio standalone via its installer and could fly on 104th, might be worth a try edit: - just was disconnected again, so its not caused by simple radio -
  14. same here, can open the kneeboard but cant switch pages
  15. jeah its kinda odd, all i can say its definitly linked to the viggen. just been on virtual aerobatics, spectated a while, spawned in a su33, switched to viggen a bit later and 3 secs after the cockpit apears - boom.
  16. didnt help me either, i have no idea whats causing this, earlier today i was able to fly on 104th phoenix for 1-2 hours, tried again an hour later and had no chance, just tried a bunch of different servers again and the longest session was 30 secs. It doesnt seem to be related to any special action. While trying sometimes the game crashes and keeps crashing upon entering multiplayer even after a pc restart, then i need to fly a solo mission first to get multiplayer working again.
  17. Hi, 1.56 open beta i have huge problems to fly the viggen on any server as i almoust everytime get disconnectet / timeouts just after spawning - if i stay connected the first 10 seconds after spawn however im able to fly for hours (without lags). This happens regardless of the choosen server ( tested different servers with pings between 50 to 150 ). To me it seemed like the loading time of the module seems to cause this - so i tried the same servers with su27 ( which loads almoust instantly for me ) without problems, but when switching to the viggen ( loading takes roughly 10 secs ) i get disconnected some seconds after spawning. To see if its Viggen related, i tested further - spawned in su27, waited a minute and switched to gazelle , another minute later switched to m2000c, waited and then switched to Viggen - and got disconnect roughly 5 secounds after spawning. (while writing this i again repeated this 3 times with same results ). Someone else has this issue ? And is there anything i can do to fix this ? Im already running dcs from ssd and optimized my background processes so theres little i can do to speed up loading. ( Well on other modules i listen youtube music / watch tutorials and have the manuals open while flying so this doesnt seem to be an issue at all ) I also play other online games ( atm diablo3 / battleborn... ) without problems so my internet seems ok - just to be sure, i switched from wlan to cable, which gives slightly better pings on speedtests but doesnt help with dcs. greetings, tobs
  18. Hi, --latest 1.55 open beta-- flying the gazelle M online, i just got shot down by an f15 / aim120 - after respawning the rwr alarm sounds kept playing even with all systems off ( cold start ). So i briefly switched roles and the sound stopped as i had selected anouther chopper, but as i reselected & spawned the same gazelle i flew before the sounds were playing again - so i started the gazelle to see if the sounds will disapper once the rwr gets active again but this also had no effect, also toggeled the rwr on and off a few times but no luck. anyone else had this ? greetings tobs
  19. thanks, but i meant if there is a faster way to get the correct heading shown on hud and hsi without running through the whole 4-8 minutes ins alignment ( like manual entering the current heading ) i just read that theres a special option for the mirage to spawn with aligned ins / skip the waiting - ill give this a try, still missions can override & disable this option
  20. Hi, short question - is there a faster way to align your compass than running the whole Ins alignment ? thanks
  21. it seems to be realted to the mission "todestal" (= death valley ? ), tried the cold startup quick mission and everything worked
  22. - solved - it seems to be realted to the mission "todestal" (= death valley ? ), tried the cold startup quick mission and everything worked, justz had a look at he mission though and there are no failures set, so i have no idea why it wont work in this particular mission Hi, didnt fly the ka50 much recently, now i wanted to fly it again but cant get off the ground, my right engine is not running after using the automatic startup - its temperature rises but then drops after a few seconds. Is there something wrong on my side or is it a bug ? i just did a repair but i didnt help latest 1.5 open beta greetings tobs
  23. just tried it vs su25 and a hawk, needed to aim at the jets 6 and no further than 1-2km away and splashed em. Havent tried it against other helos yet. have u checked your control settings for red entrys ? - i couldnt fire anything in the gazelle M as the patch somehow corrupted my joystick-luas and the fire-command turned red.
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