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  1. So you listen to A-10 pilots who can fly the real thing and not to wannabe pilots like me....... OK.. fair enough... ???? But is the first A-10c going to have the same controls. Otherwise my brain will fry.
  2. ED, Can you PLEASE put the MFCD pages back as they were... TAD; DSMS; TGP; STAT; DCLT on the left MFD and TGP; MAV; CDU;MSG; DCLT on the right MFD. Or make a way you can store your setup/ preference. In the new A-10C the China Hat aft when the TGP is SOI, doesn't recenter the TGP anymore. It goes to laser search. In the old A-10C it still recenters. Please fix this. I've been flying the A-10C for 9 years now... My muscle memory won't adapt to this. Other than that..... It flies great. Still have to figure the new stuff out, but kudo's to you. Regards.
  3. Having the same issue. Very annoying. In the first A-10C it still recenters
  4. It has been al problem for a long time.... When is ED finally going to fix it. !!!! It's a digital paper weight now...
  5. I'm really getting tired of all the tainted messages. Haven't got any mods installed and still every single time I want to play MP I get a tainted message... Now I got these files.. scripts/aircrafts/_common/cockpit/fonts/font_general.lua scripts/aircrafts/_common/cockpit/tools.lua scripts/aircrafts/_common/cockpit/elements_defs.lua bazar/shaders/common/brdf.hlsl ED... Please do something about it. Add-on... Been playing on MP server for almost 2 hours... No problems.. Servers restarts and I get these files as an IntegrityCheck fail. scripts/aircrafts/_common/cockpit/elements_d
  6. Anyone else having trouble with the cockpitlighting ? The SW cool, MSL prep, Gun rate etc are barely visible in close up. In normal sitting position they aren't even visible.
  7. So you implement the entire file with not just only the SAR helo text .... OK. Will try that.
  8. That's what we want the SAR helo to do... Could you give the lua text which you used in the 2 files. Thanx in advance.
  9. Tried this. If I set the same heading for a distance of 200mls and same speed,,, the heli should arrive 15 seconds earlier... But in "reality" heli falls back and the carrier wins. So I think the only way is to run a script. But because I'm no employee of Bill Gates my scripting skills are the same as my astronaut skills. Therefor I need a wizzkid to tell me what to do.
  10. @Rudel. I made a lua file of the script mentioned at the Tarawa: -- Rescue Helo @ CVN-71. rescueheloRooseveld=RESCUEHELO:New("CVN-71", "Rescue Helo") rescueheloRooseveld:Start() Loaded it at the start of the mission with the run script file as a trigger. Result: If I give it a waypiont... It will do the same as before. Falling behind or rush in front. If I remove the waypoint.. I now got a SAR heli which takes off... do a circle around the boat and lands.... Scripting isn't my cup of tea so what am I doing wrong here
  11. Don't use the "communication menu" button. Assign the "Mic button UHF2 (arc-182)" and "Mic button UHF1 (arc-159)" in the control menu for communicating with the carrier and other items. As said before... UHF2 is for the carrier. Using the others will result in no reply.
  12. Have same problem. F-14 won't land. Constantly gets the wave-off call.
  13. Tried everything to let the helicopter follow the carrier on the same speed. Example: I place the Rooseveld and SH60 on same heading. helicopter is on the 2 o'clock position. Carrier is doing 11kts and helicopter is doing 15kts and within 15 minutes she's on the back of the ship. If I set it to 16kts..she's too fast.. within 15 minutes there is a ships length distance between them. Tried fiddling with the speeds of the carrier and heli, but still same outcome. She's falling behind or rushing in front. Is there a way she is linked to the carrier like a static plane/ helicopter so s
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