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  1. Hi, Well, in parallel with the sweetspot problems, I have a lot of tracking problems: When I look at the left or right DCS benches, the view is not stable, I have small translation corrections, same when I return to the center. It is clearly the 6DOF because of course I have no problem in 3DOF. Here is the room where I fly: I had no problem with my Reverb G1. Any idea what the hell is going on before I send the headphones back? Thank you
  2. Hi pilots is that possible to use Helios on network ? (Helios working on another computer than game) Thanks a lot
  3. Hi pilots, I have 2 questions for the VR and reverb : 1-when I click on buttons at the bottom left or right of the cockpit, I sometime go out of the window and click on the taskbar and go out of DCS, how do you manage that (except putting bar on sides) 2-I have a good tracking with reverb when looking front and side but when I need to see on CDU for a10c by example, tracking goes really wrong. is there a solution ? (my room is well lighted, but truely not enough) Thanks
  4. @Mustang thanks for this awesome mod I was searching for Whats is strange on my computer in VR (reverb pro with 2080ti) is that with or without your mod I have 70% GPU usage. But it works I have no more shadows for building and trees.
  5. No no, but I would like it to works with or without it, dunno if it's possible
  6. yes it's optional but in real life I would say "Tanker, colt 1 1 ..."
  7. Hi, I would like to know if we can do : "Tanker, colt 1 1, approching for refuel" I use VSPX and I can already do "Tanker, approching for refuel", which is awesome :) thanks a lot
  8. Hi thanks for this mode I tried for the first time. I used it in F16 and after a very very long time of compilation I arrived in my cockpit ! without anything else than HUD, DED and MFD. Am I alone ? thanks
  9. Thanks first one works, second one for HUD doesn't
  10. Thanks for your settings could you update NV settings and put what you have finally ? thanks
  11. the problem is that Toggle flaps are available only with TM warthog throttle, not with TM Combined :)
  12. I finally did it for flaps, so I will use once again your solution :) thanks ::thumbup:
  13. I would like a way which take care of update I tried to copy "Throttle - HOTAS Warthog" and renamed it "Thrustmaster Combined" in \DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Input\A-10C\joystick but I have this : thanks for your help edit : btw your solution works :)
  14. thanks :) I added {combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN50'}} ,down = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_UP, up = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_MNR_from_UP,name = _('Toggle Flaps Up'), category = _('Systems')}, {combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN52'}} ,down = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_DN, up = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_MNR_from_DN,name = _('Toggle Flaps Dn'), category = _('Systems')}, to a file Thrustmaster Combined.lua in DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Input\A-10C\joystick the command appears in Controls menu, but in red, and does'nt work in game. I surely did something wrong
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