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  1. S! I pretty much use Application controlled or default on my 5700XT. AntiLag is Off and Enhanced VSync, using in game VSync. I also disabled sharpening in AMD settings.
  2. S! No overclock, whole system is stock. Will try DDU and re-install of drivers. Also done repair/cleaning of DCS. No mods installed.
  3. S! Free flight on Normandy map, planes flown during the crashes FW190A-8, Spitfire Mk.IX and P51D. Logs attached. System in signature. Open Beta Logs.zip
  4. S! Another issue with the reflections/canopy filter(or what it can be called). When turning head you see through it.
  5. S! Fw190A-8 causes stutter and drop of FPS when looking forward. When looking 90deg or more to the sides everything is normal. This with latest Open Beta
  6. S! Those reflections could also be a bit more subtle. And are those generated real time or baked textures on the cockpit glass?
  7. S! Several rivers on Normandy map run up/downhill. They follow the curvature of terrain without "flooding over". Atached a picture of one example.
  8. S! Latest OB sound issue in cockpit. Turn your head and you hear a sound that sounds like a flapping sound or a chopper. Nothing heard when looking forward, but gradually increases while turning head to either side.
  9. S! Same here. After latest Open Beta game crashes on login, at about 25% of the progress bar. dcs.log-20200220-203320.zip dcs.log-20200220-203049.zip dcs.log-20200220-202938.zip
  10. S! The lightbulb moves allright, but the light effect foes not. It stays stationary. So if I deflect rudder to right, the right side is in shadow, left side normally in light. Like the light itself stays at centre at all times, not moving with the light bulb. Nevermind the lighting setting, was another setting. I have no mods installed, only latest Open Beta.
  11. S! Light source of the tail light does not move with rudder movement. It is stationary. When deflecting rudder to either side other side of the rudder is illuminated the other not. Also there is no change on the ground on the light pattern, it stays stationary. Tested with 2.5.6 ands new lighting enabled.
  12. S! AMD has really put some heat on Intel lately. Good for consumers.
  13. S! I doubt I will see any difference without using a FPS counter. I used 3200MHz CL14 memory on my Ryzen 2700X and never had issues.
  14. S! Performance is better, could crank settings up. Map still has issues to deal with, but now a lot better than before.
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