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  1. yep, lol. I prefer Absinth thou...
  2. You only get banned if you post something openly rude, or do a number of other stupid things (like starting 10 threads about the same thing)... Nothing wrong with constructive critisizm (God I'm so tired of typing that phrase)
  3. ...and make mods want to jump of a cliff. See, cliffs do come into play :)
  4. Yeh that was pretty much what I ment by constructive critisizm :~} I didn'tget to test/play the demo, so I don't know what's in it, however, In full version, thesre are lots of things that are quite small, like new missile logic, new bomb behavior, which might seem very trivial to ajust, but in reality it take a long time to get right sometimes Tnx, BIOLOG
  5. Someday I weill have enough money to afford that. Perhaps after I invent how to make quantum computer work, LOL!
  6. LoL Dayglow R U still headmod over there? U were doing fantastic job IIRC
  7. I'm about a nanometer away from closing this tread as well... However thesre seems to be one slight misunderstending... 1.1 is a very big change from stock lockon... it's not just a patch that adds new plane and some features. And once more, please constructive, polite critisizm... Or thread gets axed. Can't be asked to repeat same thing over and over anymore
  8. Ok, fine. However, as already stated, problem came up at the very last minute... People were starting to complain (well, "jockingly") at 1am Moscow time... Not your squad specifically Ice btw :). I send PM's upstairs in afternoon Moscow time, and Chizh responded withing about an hour, which is not too bad I recon. I posted the news as soon as I got them. And I will do so in future. Just please try to understend that I am doing my very best to avoid flamewars that used to happen on Ubi's forums. And that requires users to be nice on their part even if they are frustrated. Calling ED clowns isn't a a way to go. And such behavior will not be tolerated, I stand by my word here. Constructive critisizm (being polite among other things...) is welcome. That's the message I'm trying to get across. Thanks, BIOLOG
  9. Not with that attitude. This is your first and only warning Prophet_169th. Come down please. And let me empasize once again.. Eagle Dynamics don's owe you Flaming Cliffs. Full stop. Did I make myself Clear?
  10. Guys I can understend frustration due to lack of communication. What I can't understend/accept is comments like "ED owns us...something" or "ED are clowns"(other tread). Espesially if they are posted a lot of time. I believe in constructive critisizm, as long as it remains constructive :)
  11. Jesus Christ will you all (you know who you are) just GROW UP and stop complaining (or at least do it ina a mature way) ?! NOONE here ows anyone anything. You can buy Flaming Cliffs if you want, you will get quality product and give ED your money in return. Or U can not buy FC. It's as simple as that. And only if you buy FC, then you can complain that something isn't working, not beforehand. Also if you notise, on the website it saye release is "planned for...". Plans go wrong. That's a nature of life. Also statement "They had since november to fix bugs" isn't true, since there are still bugs to fix even now. However, there are significantly less of them now, and they are less serious/noticable. P.S. I am really fed up now. I tried to be helpful and polite today, but that clearly doesn't work for some people (Although big tnx for all these who behave sencibly). if I c another badly phrased complaint (i.e. openly rude one) I'll just close the tread.
  12. I'm actually not entirely sure what he ment by that... And it's not a particularly good translation from Russian sorry. More correct translation would be "fine-tuning of server which deals with registration of sold copies"
  13. I have been informed by Chizh that due to unforseen circumstances, release of english version has been postphoned by at least a week. It should be ready by monday but again, no promises. Apparently they are having some problems with server registration of sold copies, or something along these lines... Tnx for your patience and sorry for long wait
  14. I've been around forums yes, however I am not an emploe of ED, hence I can't make any comments without permission of Chizh or Han. I'm just here to try to keep thing civil. And please please please, can you not start any more threads about the same subject... ->To everyone who is reading this<. I am doing my very best to get information about the release
  15. Guys come down please... I'm trying to get some info for you...
  16. lol... I don't have enough time to play it... Too much work to do... Joy of Crystallography and Diffraction... GRRR So don't envy me... lol
  17. Please try being a bit more polite, and don't start more treads about where is FC, ect. More then enough of them already. It's only midday in Moscow anyway.... Tnx
  18. U lot R sad... Just wait patiently, noone died from that yet (well... I suppose that's debatable) And let me assure you, wait is worth it!
  19. lol... There is always a way...
  20. Хм, это всё конечно интересно... Но если учесть сколько Ту-22М3 и Ту-95/142 Я видел в прошлом году под Рязанью за 4 дня... Я думаю не всё так плохо... Хотя друзья говорили что так часто они начали летать только около года назад (Это получается полтора года от данного момента)
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