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  1. He-He, wait till my exams finish... Ah memories... Gunning Eagles down in SETKA (that was quality, but quite lucky lol)
  2. He-he you should try dogfighting against Baikal... He's not on much nowdays but he is well good. Also if you can defeat Mirage in single player dogfights (gunzo), chances are, you will be very good at HL
  3. RPG it is... Not sure which one on top of my head, and can't be asked to look it up. Set it against humvee or something soft skinned it will destroy it... Might be able to kiil M-60 as well...
  4. Can't see very well from the screenshot, but is it possible that you punctured your wheel? Happened to me before...
  5. LoL... I remember that... one guy got over-excited with his new card, cause it looked so sexy and... Hmm, I'm sure Pilotasso can tell the rest (nicely lol)
  6. I would be slightly worried if it didn't run well on your system... It's a monster!
  7. That's quite good (IMHO), but did you use manual outline? Wheels are a bit jerky... not that you would notice that on a card...
  8. С Днём Великой Победы!
  9. Just a simple button on pilot's stick. After that computer does all the work. It automatically controls the nizzle deflection, reducing load on the pilot.
  10. This is erupting into another pathetic "my daddy is better then yours!" threads. Watch it, or I will have to ax the thread. As for you, Drago, if you EVER post something like that again, I promise you a week's vacation at the very least. This is multinational board and nationalism will not be tolerated. Do I make myself clear?
  11. I think you'll find that if they made AFM (which would be very hard btw) for Flanker or Fulcrum, these planes wouls have become MUCH harder to fly... Also not many people would be able to handle the workload. I'm guessing/hoping that ED could somehow make "simple" and "AFM" models for all planes in future project, or the sales would be quite poor... Only hardcore simmers would teke a year to learn how to fly MiG-29 properly and not crash all the time... and unfortunately, not many simmers are left... I think Su-25t was a test bed for the future, and so will be Ka-50. So I wouldn't get your hopes too high. However, for next project... if everything goes according to plan we will have a bright new and shiny sim, with AFM's, dedicated server, stable FPS on top end machines, and excellent modelling of enviroment and weapons (not that it's bad now)
  12. Don't use the trim during combat... get off autopilot way before getting to attack point, so you can reset the trim. Also IIRC to make Su-25t fly a bit easier, use flaps... They help...
  13. :p I don't like that phrasing., be slightly more polite plz :icon_wink
  14. Yeh, but new sim would appear probably only in about 2-3 years after 1.2 (and that might be optimistic)
  15. OK, I think we established the fact that some people are really desperate for addon and whine about not being able to get it. That's normal it's human nature to be upset about things you can't get. I can perfectly well undestend that... I can also undestend people who it worked out for, and that have copy of the game that they can enjoy. Finally I can undertstend the latter bunch defending ED for their work on one of the greatest combat flight simulators ever, and slapping on "whiners". However... That doesn't make this discussion any more civil. Infact last 2-3 pages of this discussion been rather personal pissing contest (pardon my language), between couple of people belonging to two opooisite camps I've described above. Simple fact is I don't want this type of discussion on these forums. And I don't want to close this thread either, as it would reappear under different title pretty soon. Let me assure you, even thou I am not a spokesman for ED, neither do I posess detailed knowlege of their plans/actions, I do know that they are a very nice bunch of people who try their best to make this sim available for everyone. However life is a ***** and it keeps frowing challenges at them, challenges that may seem trivial to Western person, but that are very hard to overcome in enviroment of modern Russia. But I know that ED is doing their best. Most of the team are flight entusiasts, and when they fly they get the same "wonderful freedom"(sorry that description is rather bad, but my vocab limits my explanation) feeling as most of us so well know and desire... So please I urge you... People who are really upset about not being able to get FC... Try to put yourself in ED's shoes and walk around in them... Try to understend that most of ED team doesn't visit these forums as they are to busy developing 1.2... Part of the team that is responsible for solving the problems, and do visit these forums, has to deal with Russian and English versions so that are not able to unswer all questions from both forums. They do their best, but can you imagine how frustrating it is to hear someone just flaming your product, product into which you pured your blood and sweat on, for reason that you are not able to control, such as Paypal fiasco? I worked with ED since autumn. They replyed to my messages and beta-reports, when it was after 12 at night in Moscow. That proves their dedication to the product, at least for me, and I am sure it does for many other people. People who got the game and are defending ED... I can understend your feelings as well, but at this point your comments just pure petrol straight into the bonfire... It doesn't extinguish it, it only makes the matters worse... Please consider well what you are posting and what you are trying to say. think if someone else said it already, is it really worth repeating? If someone else is behaving unappropriately, is it really worth behaving like them and lovering yourself to their level? These forums started out very well... At first we had lots of users, and virtually no modding to do. We had a happy community, which was waiting for their dream to come true. It came true for some, it did partially for some others (SF+Paypal+various bugs), and it didn't for these who still don't have FC... Please have the courage to wait a bit longer. I can't say for how long, maybe a day, maybe a week, maybe a month. However, I am sure ED will not give up. They haven't yet, and they will not in forseable future, IMHO. ED might not be replying simply because they are too busy sorting this out. Or maybe they don't want to give you falce hopes after all unexpected problems they had to face. Please, just try to understend, that if these forums become less stressed, it will improve things. Nagging very rarely prompts progress, but can quite easily cause domoralisation. So may I just ask all users, no matter who they are, or what their relation to the sim is... Think about what you post. Try to be friendly to the best of your ability. And don't judge a man before you got into his shoes and walked around in them for a bit. Many thanks, and I do appoligise for rather poor english. Best Regards, BIOLOG
  16. Yep, once your rep rating reaches 100, you are concidered too wise/nice and you are banned automatically :cool: j/k
  17. Rust is Ferrum Oxide. It's brown in colour (well it's actually black when it forms, but turns brown/red when it comes in contact with more air). Aluminium Oxide Al(2)O(3) is entirely different compound, it's not rust. It does form protective layer which is very hard to remove (can be done with concentrated alkili), and it is white in colour. Also this protective layer is formed pretty much instantly, since "naked" aluminium is very reactive
  18. I've said ASUS drivers are crap, because they were on my machine, I had problems (not only with LOMAC), and these problems disappeared as soon as I've changed the drivers... However bear in mind the golden phrase "everyone got their own best set of drivers", meaning that some drivers might work better on some machines then others. ASUS do infact modify their drivers, and put extra features on them... While these extra features do help in certain games, they are generally bad for other ones. For example ASUS drivers work better with DeuxX Invisible war and BattleEngine Aqualia. I don't rele play these games much, so it's no point to use drivers espesially for them. Also they run pretty much the same on nVidia drivers, which I'm using atm. I will change the drivers this week hopefully, when new Omega drivers set comes out (hopefully). Now these are the best drivers you can find IMHO
  19. OK, this thread is just silly/random now... So it gets axed
  20. Should be a good card... I have ASUS 6800GT/TD 128Mb DDR1 AGP8X, and game looks nice, but I can't use some high settings like overcast, cause I have SD RAM, and crap CPU...
  21. R U sure about extra FPS? When I bought mine ASUS v9999GT/TD I initially used ASUS drivers, but then I stopped using them because a) I was having problems with LOMAC (that was during beta-testing) b) They seemed to work worse the official drivers... So R U sure?
  22. Asus drivers are not very good... unfortunately. I used to use them, but I get better preformance with official drivers (using 71.84 now), or Omega drivers (when they get released)
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