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  1. F If you are new to DCS you might be new to the DCS forums as well. If so, get comfortable with the game and the forum --> read the forum rules first. Then, before you ask questions browse the forums and use the search function. You might find quite some things without having to ask anyone. The mod NS430 is actually a payware-mod. As you are new to the game and don't know how to turn it off, you might not even own it. (answer to your question = the reason I told you to use the search function in the forums first)
  2. v5.9? It says 5.8 in the first post. am I missing something? EDIT: found it... version 5.9
  3. AMAZING livery! My favourite one! Just on e little thing... ....can you please remove the white "do not paint" on the nose section of this livery and make the refueling markings black? I think it would be 97% accurate then...
  4. Thanks, Eight Ball! I was desperately sticking to the hawk as payload! Everything working fine now.
  5. I just can't get the hercules_cargo.lua script to work. loaded as shown in the video above, but nothing in my herc to drop. tried with v5.6. I just don't get it. Also in ME there is no hawk payload showing. Is it me or v5.6?
  6. JumpinK

    Better Smoke

    I love the mod. Thank you very much! my only question (to ED) is: why isn't it implemented this way in the vanilla version of DCS?! Because this mod looks so much better than the standard smoke.
  7. Hopefully someone who is more talented than me can make a skin-template for this beauty...
  8. OMG! We have a winner! My eyes are sweating! I need to fly this baby immediately... THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  9. Same problem here. Is there anything to be aware of when giving the command via the communicatins-menu? Or is it just not possible because of AI-dumbness?
  10. check this out! :smilewink: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=124251
  11. I did some testing today. (just looking at FPS behavior during flight, so it was more a "test by feel" than monitoring overall system-performance) seems that the latest update brought back a good amount of fps for me. still not where I am on 2.5.5 but way better than the first few 2.5.6 releases. ED is heading in the right direction, I'd say. Well done, please keep it going this way!
  12. This should be a standard feature. What else are these fuel trucks for if not for refueling? Just eye candy?
  13. Wait. What? Never heard about this. Can you give more information?
  14. :lol: The guessing game is on again...
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