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  1. Module, die ich gerne fliege: - F-16C - F-14 - P-47 Module, die ich gerne hätte: - F-104G (am liebsten von Heatblur) - F-4 (am liebsten die F-4J) - Gripen - F4F (FM-2) Wildcat - TBM-3 Avenger - T-6 Texan/Havard (könnte die TF-51 als Beginnerflugzeug ablösen)
  2. send you a pm. Its available on discord
  3. thank you for listen to my request abou the bort umbers really appriciate it
  4. My Cargo keeps crashing through the ground after they leave the C-130. Is this a bug or did i something wrong?
  5. for the Menuscreen they used a real pic. The F-14 don't have a normal loadingscreen, only the normal ED screen and it is not so hard to use pic from the HB F14. Here what I created for myself sometime ago.
  6. Hello HB, when we get some awesome Menu-/Loading-Screens like you guys did with the Viggen? At the moment it is not the real deal for me. I know this not an important point for the most, but for me it had to be done. It gives every Modul his own flair. regards Josh
  7. oh I understood. Hope they fix ist soon
  8. great work tex! i really like it. one little thing, you forget the bort umber on the nose.
  9. yes! i waiting for a weathered spangdahlem skin for so long! lookin great!
  10. got CTDs aswell. I did a complete new DCS World install, again CTD. Runs a repair, again CTD. ps: I deleted all my files in the savegame folder, now it works. Back up your Input folder befor you do it dcs.log
  11. DonJosh

    Hellenic Vipers

    i hope we can get the CFT Mod aswell :) stunning skins!
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