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  1. :thumbup: Thanks a whole bunch buddy! I thought it would be a ton of work, but I'm getting there, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I've not played DCS for ages, but I'm setting stuff up again. Installing the game, trackIR, x52 drivers etc. etc. Now I used to use SFJack's profile, but I can't seem to load the lua in DCS. The game doesn't recognize the file when browsing for it, and when I set the browser menu to display any file type and I open the lua, it doesn't change a single thing in the config.... I've tried searching these and other forums for a solution, reinstalled everything etc. but no success :( My best bet now is that there's here that could help me... -Duckster
  3. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to DCS and I'm managing to handle the aircraft systems fairly well by now. The weapon systems I don't fully understand, but I'm able to use it more or less correct I guess. Now I've come to the point where I'd like to fly missions with other people. What would be the best place to start? Are there groups out there that wouldn't mind taking a noob along? Even if only to fly along, not actively fly the mission, I'd just like to get a taste of the online scene/community etc... In short: I'm looking guys to play with / learn from Thanks in advance :)
  4. I'm having a somewhat similar problem, CMS tutorial stops when I'm told to edit one of the CMS programmes... I can still fly around, but the tutorial doesn't seem to continue...
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