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  1. Just curious if there is any news on the desk mount.
  2. So how is it performing in DCS and what are your system specs? How are you liking the 49" size and after having some time with it, would you still pick this over a smaller UW screen?
  3. I sent you a PM with some feedback for the airbus part
  4. Did the old version not work because it needed some minor tweaking to it or was it just impractical to use with the warthog?
  5. Hello Debolestis, The airbus that I've been waiting for has finally gone into public release. I was getting ready to order the detent that we designed together but noticed that the original link shows "not for sale" https://www.shapeways.com/product/CQH36Z3EJ/warthog-throttle-part-airbus I've also noticed that you have a new airbus detent in your store. https://www.shapeways.com/product/WU5SDEN23/warthog-throttle-part-airbus?optionId=64806143 Could you please tell me why you created the new version? Did the original have any issues? Thanks
  6. Would anyone here happen to have a sound sample of the master warning chime for the F18?
  7. Looks good so far. I will be sharing your image and Shapeways store link to see if anyone that is part of the beta test is willing to pick one up and try it out. Other than that, I'll have to wait until the aircraft is released or I get lucky enough to get into the beta. Thanks for your help and I'll get back to you when there is some feedback to share.
  8. You work exceptionally quick Debolestis! I have made some modifications that I think would be better suited to match the real throttle's actions. Please forgive my crude editing skills! I have modified it so that detents marked in yellow are push through similar to how you have this one set up in the center: https://www.shapeways.com/product/8ZNMV2TQV/warthog-throttle-part-center-detent?optionId=63799378 Then in order to reach Reverse Idle you'll need to lift and do slight pull back. To get out of the Reverse thrust range, you simply push through forward. Here is a video show
  9. Sounds correct, 100% and 0% obviously not being detents and just topping/bottoming out the range of motion. I think push through for each detent would work fine. Maybe having to lift to reach Reverse Idle would be interesting as well, provided it is possible to fit that in. As soon as I can get a copy of the A/C I'll jump on it in order to confirm the numbers.
  10. If I did my math correctly the detents should be at approximately: REV 0% 16383 (Target Device Analyzer value) REV_IDLE 22% 12779 IDLE 31% 11304 CLB 69% 5079 MCT_FLX 85% 2457 TOGA 100% 0
  11. So this is the response I got from one of the devs for the A320. I have no idea how to decipher this info to come up with the % of travel on the warthog but I'll see what I can figure out. I'm assuming that those numbers are associated with X-Plane 11 only. If the numbers help you out, let me know. I've also received three detents from your store and all fit nice and snug and are working great: dual detent afterburner detent no detents
  12. Working in it. Unfortunately the airbus I'm interested in just entered closed beta but I am unable to join. I asked someone with a warthog and the beta to retrieve the percentages.
  13. Hello debolestis, I ordered three of your detents and look forward to testing them out when they arrive next week. In addition to DCS, I also enjoy flying airliners and I was wondering if it would be practical/possible to design a warthog detent to match that of an Airbus throttle quadrant. As you can see below, the airbus has four physical detent locations ( idle/0, CL, FLX/MCT, TOGA) with a range of movement below the idle detent. Do you think given the physical space available with the warthog detent, would four detents be possible to design and be practical for use?
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