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  1. So using a script or mod simulating binoculars in a cockpit would be acceptable? Cool Cool. Didn't want to edit something that may be considered "cheating" However I can identify targets jsut fine and I don't need this enhancement. ~S!:thumbup:
  2. Yeah , I know, I use the game as it is and I don't change anything unless approved by the public. This "zoom" capability that some people have can not be realistic unless RL pilots actually have binocs in their cockpits and used. But then again this "game" Lock-On isn't really dress with the "realism fabric". :smilewink:
  3. This wouldn't be considered a hack for 'some' people that need that "extra" edge when in combat?
  4. I heard this from Deadman from the 44th that there is a mod or script that somebody can change that can make a person zoom in more than normal. Like if a person with binocs in a cockpit. I have the normal zoom, which I use. I just heard of this new thing some people have. Just wanted to know if it is well known and accepted to the community. That's all.
  5. I hear that people have a zoom mod that simulates a person that maybe has "binoculars" in a cockpit. Is this publicly known and accepted?
  6. Yeah I have, at home, a 1 Mbps upload and the T1 is not that far off. From what I was told the line this other guy has is alot bigger. But who knows, he's out of comission at the moment. ;) Yeah we'll let ya know what we come up with and hopefully get a new server showing up on Hyperlobby. :thumbup:
  7. Yeah we had somebody whe was going to set up a server for us. He had said that he put in 8 grand into in and got the line dug to his house. Think T1 or higher. Not sure. He fell sick and can not complete the setup so we have to look at something else. I've been looking at the boxes which cost just under 300.00 U.S.D. A bit much. But if everybody chips in it won't be that much. Anyways thanks for your input ~S!
  8. So when I got FraggedServers to host our IL2 server a while back it was all an illusion? :music_whistling: I know it's possible I jsut have to work with companies to get it setup. May have to rent an actuall server with Remote Desktop. lol Fraggedservers was a little more restrictive than I'd liked. Just asking y'all if you know of anybody else. I'll keep searching and post some links. :thumbup:
  9. Hi there gents, Just wondering if you know of any good game hosting companys that I can rent a Lock-On server from? Thanks for any info. ~S! Mac
  10. Update: They jsut emailed me a new Serial Number. So now I have 5 more activations. Too bad people have to wait so long though. The guy I talked to was : LockOn.ru administrator Konstantin Borovik webmaster@lockon.ru So hope he can help you out too! :joystick:
  11. hmm Well looky here I just got a reply. In my first reply I had stated my username and password plus i had added my Serial number and hardware code. Just so they have different areas to look to make sure that I am legit. This is thier reply: "Hello. What is your username on the site and where did you buy the game?" -- Ummm...so I told them again. Guess I have to wait another few days or more. ;(
  12. Hey GrayGhost, since you are on the beta test team maybe you know some people to fast track our request. You guys have to realize our frustrations. We paid for the game we want to play, now.
  13. Could be but... Since the serial number does not change you think maybe the first initial activation key would be generated to match that individual serial number for the product you bought. Then you would have to register that combination on-line so if anybody else wanted to use your same key they couldn't because that person would have a different serial number. Now lets say somebody was given a dublicate copy of your game"serial number" and the key to match. The system, right now, should not let people be able to play the same game at the same time. Even though through installa
  14. me too Yup I am waiting on a new key as well. I like to do full installs to place new OS's in my computer. I go back and forth to the Vistas. Great OS by the way. But guess what? There is a "limitation?" on keys for a PURCHASED product!? Correct me if I'm wrong. In a logical world we would buy a game, downloaded or not, and we get only one key which will work. It doesn't matter how many times you format your hard drive the key would still work. Right? So why put a key generator in? You have a serial number that never changes so why not have a activation key that never changes? Now
  15. ~S! We are also in the process of creating two new Euro Squadrons! One for A-10 and another F-15! Our future is Fighter-Ops! Looks to be a great sim. and will be looking forward in flying it! See you in the skies! Drop by the site and say hi! 9thAF_Mac 75th Tiger Sharks 9th Air Force Administration www.9thairforce.com
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