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  1. Okay, that explains things somewhat... thanks guys. So, is there a way to run these helis on an earlier version of DCS World and where might I get it? I'm not really that keen on building a new computer just to play DCS. Also, if I do upgrade my system RAM to 8 gig, will it make a jot of difference, bearing in mind the graphics card?
  2. Computer specs My MacBook Pro has 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7; 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3; Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB; Windows 7 64-bit, partitioned on BOOTCAMP on 65 GB 7200 rpm hybrid hard-drive Like I said... it runs Black Shark with no problems, including TrackIR. I suppose the graphics card could be a bit bigger, but there's nowt I can do about that. I could update the Ram, but will I be chucking good money to still be where I am today? There appears to be other people with machines with lot higher specs suffering the same issues.
  3. I bought Black Shark 1 the day after it was first released and still run it on my MacBook Pro on high settings and I have absolutely no issues. I recently installed DCS World and bought the Mi-8MTV2 and the Huey (three days before the price dropped!!!) and to date I've had around half an hour max of flying (using that term loosely). Both Helis look fantastic and the YouTube vids are making my mouth water. But I didn't buy these planes just to watch YouTube vids about them... I could have done that without wasting my money. I have tried all sorts of different settings (none above medium
  4. I just paid 49 dollars for the M8-MTV and the Huey and within days the price dropped. I could have had them both for the price of one :mad:
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