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  1. Is there anyone with insight on this topic?
  2. Hello, I don't know if this question have been asked before (haven't found it yet), but here we go: Inside the monitor setup LUA file (e.g. mySetup.lua) in the MonitorSetup-folder I can control the viewports, e.g. Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 800; height = 600; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1.3333333333; } All the viewports (e.g. center, left, right) will be controlled by the main view, so if I'm viewing left, all the viewports will be moved. My question is, is it possible to create "fixed" viewports? For example an "heads down" viewport, showing the instrument panel? What
  3. Hello, I'm going to build a real hud as described in this thread (http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=89974) and I'm going to buy materials for the hud (teleprompter screen/mirror and front surface mirrors). What I need is to understand the real size of the HUD in the real aircrafts, primparily I fly the A-10, F-15 and Su-27 but also upcoming fighters, for example the F/A-18. So I need to make the hud screen as similar as the real ones but also giving me flexbility to use it for different aircrafts. So, does anyone know the sizes of the REAL hud screens as in the REAL aircraft? I
  4. Problem solved for me. With the PeterP viewporthandling it is assumed you have the monitorsetup.lua in the correct place (i.e. in a the Config/Monitorsetup/youLuafile.lua) So the problem for me was solved by placing the file here instead in under the Saved Games folder.
  5. Ok, now it works. However, I cant move the MFCD's around. can you please explain a little bit how it is suppose to work? Even if you have some instructions, I don't see how I can manipulate the MFCDs.
  6. Great. I can confirm that I don't get the expired message. Haven't tested on my DCS computer yet.
  7. I experience the same problems after setting up instrument export. Right and left MFCD are positioned correctly. Also the RWR seems to be positioned accordning to the monitor lua. Everything else is on the far right, top corner. Here is my monitor setup. Copied from PeterP files here at the forum. Here is my viewporthandling My screen setup is: One monitor (left, starting at 0,0) Two projectors (center and right) So they are positioned as 3x1 row. I'm running Windows 8.1 and DCS 1.2.12 Any help is appreciated!
  8. That is soo good. I'm really looking forward to test drive this app.
  9. I also had this problem with one touchscreen and two projectors. I had to rearrange so that the touchscreen was first in order (top left) within the AMD desktop manager.
  10. Yes, the firewall is not "silently" blocking it (as far as I know, I have allowed the UltraMFCD.exe thru the firewall). I'm also trying this on two separate computers using two different networks (one wired and one wireless) with the same results (Beta Expired). The laptop I'm currently using does not hav DCS installed, but I get "expired" anyway. Do I need DCS runnning or installed on the same computer? (for starting the app that is, I totally understand that I have to run DCS to get the UltraMFCD to work :) When Starting the app, I can for a second see "Waiting for DCS" (or something l
  11. Hello I just found this excellent (?!) software today. I'm hoping to use it for my cockpit build. When I launch the app it says "Beta expired" and then it quits back to file explorer. Is this just me? Or is it a built in expiry in the software? I've had problems with my system clock... (CMOS battery?) Best regards Edit: Found out that others had the same problem. Allowed the app in the firewall. I'm using 8.1 + one display monitor + two projectors. AMD card.
  12. Hello I'm thinking about building a "simpit" with multiple video channels (3-5 projectors) and thinking about if it is possible to drive it with multiple computers, like one master and 1-2 slaves that just displays the out the window display channels. Is that even possible with the current version of DCS World? Or is this feature on the roadmap for DCS World? I would like it to be exactly like X-plane when it comes to multi computer setups. Or like FSX with the WideFS/FSUIPC running multiple computers.
  13. Thanks alot Greg! All my screens are full HD 1920x1080. What is the benefit of using SoftTH? I don't understand why I should use it... Ok, I'm starting to understand... SoftTH is used to "fit" the image from DCS into the screen layout? I see that DCS is outputting 5760x2160... interesting... I'll try your config later today. Thanks
  14. Hello, I would like to have the following screen layout using DCS World/A-10/FC3 etc. I have all the screens. I have 2 GPU:s in Crossfire config. I have a pretty decent computer to run it on. How can I setup this environment? Should I use Helios? I guess I need it in order to have buttons alongside the MFD displays... Should Crossfire be enabled or disabled? Should I use ATI Eyefinity (in Crossfire I guess I need to run DCS in fullscreen mode, is that conflicting with Helios?) or SoftTH? How should I config my display settings in DCS? FOV? How should I place my screens to mi
  15. Hi! I'm very satisfied with my Warthog HOTAS joystick! Worth the money. Well, how do you control you rudders if you don't have pedals? Keyboard? Something controls on the joystick? I don't want to purchase pedals, because I use rudders very little while flying.
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