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  1. I have Normandy map listed under the Terrain tab but I don't see a "WWII Armour and Technics" module listed anywhere and every time I try to load Normandy using a WWII aircraft like the P-51 I get the error: "Need Modules for load mission: WWII Armour and Technics". I'm assuming there must be a module called "WWII Armour and Technics" listed under the Modules tab but there isn't. I was a DCS WWII: Europe 1944 backer and and under the backer rewards section of the DCS website it shows that I have a license for the "Normandy Map" and "WWII Assets Pack". I assume the "WWII Assets Pa
  2. I downloaded this batch file and added it to my root folder and ran the file and it didn't download anything. I still don't have the WWII assets pack installed even though I own it.
  3. I didn't have RS selected on the PCA. That step isn't listed in Chuck's guide and they didn't mention it in the videos I was watching. Thanks for the help!
  4. I set the radio altimeter to M. I also tried the other two modes. I selected BF1, the only option available in that mission. My altitude varied from starting my dive at 15,000 ft to starting at 3,000 ft.
  5. edit: NOT A BUG: I didn't have RS selected on the PCA. That step isn't listed in Chuck's guide and they didn't mention it in the videos I was watching. I tried CCIP bombing for the first time on DCS 2.0 NTTR with the instant action ground attack mission. I followed Chuck's guide and a couple youtube tutorials and couldn't figure out why I would never see the CCIP pipper when diving to bomb and then I noticed that I have to pitch down 90 deg to see the pipper because the pipper is stuck at 90 deg down. It doesn't move. I'm over 400 knots as recommended. This has to be a bug.
  6. I wonder if it's possible to create a mod or an alternate cockpit version of the Mig-21 that is performance friendly enough that it would run at a good frame rate in virtual reality. I have a 980 TI and i7-6700K 4.2 ghz and the frame rate is unacceptable using the Oculus Rift. Pretty much every other module gets a good frame rate.
  7. I understand how to install skins but how do you select them from within the game? Can I select a skin from within the game and then do an instant action mission using that skin?
  8. I'm glad you guys mentioned this. I thought I was the only one and I thought it was a problem with my DK2. I get the flickering in the left eye.
  9. That was it. Num Lock key wasn't switched on. Thanks!
  10. Doesn't work for me either and I haven't found an option to change the re-center key.
  11. Yeah, I know, I acknowledged that it was in the same post you quoted me in. I just said that I was guessing that it hadn't been "fully implemented" yet because we should see much larger FPS gains than we're seeing now I would assume based on my limited experience with time warp in FlyInside FSX.
  12. I don't believe I said it was stutter free, in fact it's far from that because it's a terribly optimized engine. FlyInside provides two FPS numbers: one for the actual FPS and one for time warp assisted FPS. On my PC the time warp assisted FPS only drops below 75 when the actual FPS dips below 40. That's where I got my 80% boost number (75 is an 87% increase over 40). My CPU of 3.4 ghz shouldn't be that much of a factor on a properly optimized engine but unfortunately DCS 1.5 still needs much improvement in this area.
  13. Thanks, good info. If it's enabled by default in 0.7 then that means that all demos and games that are 0.7 compatible have async time warp but some of those games don't run any better than they did in 0.6 so I imagine that just because it's enabled by default doesn't mean that it's really being utilized until the dev chooses to utilize it. I imagine that's what they're working on now. We might see an 80% fps boost once it's fully implemented as I saw for myself in FlyInside FSX.
  14. DCS 1.5 Oculus Rift DK2 performance I have an i7-3770 3.4ghz quad core and a Nvidia GTX 980ti superclocked. Here is my experience with performance in the DK2 in the DCS 1.5 Beta: Mig-21 performance is atrocious. It's by far the worst and is absolutely unplayable even on my 980 ti superclocked - the fastest card you could possibly buy. If I turn every single graphics setting to its absolute lowest level I get on average 30 fps in the 'takeoff' instant action scenario. The other scenarios are similar in fps. The other aircraft modules don't work very well either and even keeping a
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