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  1. I totally agree, but someone mentioned MS CFS 2 ;)
  2. Then you should check out IL-2 1946 .. it comes with the F4U and 2-axis-TrackIR-support.... :thumbup:
  3. I just wish I could finish the half-marathon with his time .....
  4. :thumbup: Without the usual color/finish, this looks even more like a huge platypus :D
  5. Yep, and just a little bit of boring that is, up there @40.000 ... except for those dreadful "blue on blue" incidents ... but then again, it is too late, up there, at 40k+ ..........
  6. ^^^ That was sick. Not the topic, but I just lost 50 seconds of my life to absolute nonsense. Nonsense of the bad kind, unlike LolCatz. :music_whistling:
  7. Some dark and twisted part of me was hoping for the sound of cracking or even breaking glass :music_whistling: PS: poor lioness ...
  8. I would say that this kind of 'smart' is difficult to achieve in SP - since the enemy would need a really good AI to make things believable (e.g. not running straight into the enemy's fire, but taking cover, retreating, hiding or even ambushing, ...). Maybe "Combined Arms" (MP with human players) can help to achieve that one day?
  9. That's scary and could have ended so totally different :noexpression:
  10. Pah, totally fake, everboy knows: it is aerodynamically impossible for a Mi-8 to fly. Oh wait, that was the bumblebee! Thanks for the link, this truly was an impressive clip! (for the impatient ones :joystick: - takeoff is around 1:35)
  11. Yep, clear voice-comm on the left channel for me, so the "Weasel-4ship" and also the very casual "Bingo" were clearly audible. :thumbup: Really great video, and thanks for your high-quality channel.
  12. Thanks again and again for pointing out those clips in HD :)
  13. Thanks for that link - amazing how a little color makes those photos appear way more recent....
  14. Nice pictures .... but the text! Whenever it comes to (Ex)Yugoslavia, all sides claim to be the victim (since centuries) ... *sigh*
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