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  1. Maybe you have the same problem (solved) like i do... just uncheck the box "historical feature" see this posting
  2. Thanks to everyone! it was the historical feature or my fault not to change the selection of the coalition template from "special" to "modern" (maybe it is a bug as Arbil wrote :thumbup:)
  3. (possible Solution inserted by Natalon) I've got a very crazy situation: If I try to create my own mission, the A-10C II is not available: If I open an already existing mission in the mission editor (as an example: Quickstartmission Caucasus Dark and Cold), the A-10C II is selectable as an aircraft, like all other: also the A-10C II is available for Quickstart-Missions: I can start the missions without problems and as an example the HMCS works very well. I can't tell if there is an option for the A-10C II among the official missions. Here I have no entries: t
  4. I am using the stable version and passthrough works well with it
  5. This is a known error. To avoid this problem till the hot fix comes go to your DCS World installation folder, than open DCS Worlds -> Mods -> aircraft -> F14 -> Cockpit -> KNEEBOARD -> pages Delete 3.lua and everything is fine to use the Kneeboard
  6. In my point of view i think the Approach Indexer is to dark. The manual says that the light intensity of the AoA-Indexer can be adjusted from 0-14. The thumbwheel in the F-14 shows only 1-9, so how can there be an adjustment of up to 14? In the current version i found the red light for "Fast" much to dark and in normal view you cant even see it during landings. for comparison: F-14B Lights (with full cranked up to 9): F/A-18: Is there any possibility now to brigthen the lights up?
  7. I cannot confirm that. By myself i use following products of Logitech: Headset G35 Gameboard G13 Keyboard G910 Mouse G502 As you mentioned I lowered the polling rate from 1000 to 500 and I didn't noticed any improvement. For testing this, i placed a "cold" SA-342 on Lochini parking slot 78. Everytime I switch from pilot (58-60 fps) to copilot the fps drops down to 24. Same test on NTTR pilot and copilot have stable 54 fps.
  8. Yes, i have an unofficial mod installed since yesterday (sunday). Before i installed the mod, I had a complete new installation of 1.5.3 Beta and as I noticed the missing sounds I tried to repair it (as a normal workaround for DCS-problems ;) ). The problem with the missing cockpit sounds exists since friday evening and isn't solved with repairing. I also have the mod installed with the 1.5.3 actual release version, without any soundproblems...
  9. Hello, here is my log file 1.5.3 Beta for comparision i attach log file 1.5.3 actual release version and log file 2.0.2 alpha version I checked following aircrafts: Ka-50, UH-1H and SA-342. All aircrafts don't have cockpit sounds in 1.5.3 Beta, but all aircrafts have sounds in 2.0 and Ka-50 and UH-1H have cockpit sounds in 1.5.3 (actual release version)
  10. I don't have any cockpit sounds neither in SP nor in MP in 1.5.3 BETA Yesterday I installed 1.5.3 Beta completely new on my PC
  11. I don't have any cockpit sounds like switching on the battery/ fuel pumps, activating autohover, etc. in 1.5.3 BETA In 2.0 everything is fine...
  12. Great video and cool mission. Is it an official mission from Polychop or did you make it for your own?
  13. You need this version: DCS/ Please update your version or try to repair it...
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