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  1. Air refuel online /// Landing Waypoint selectable on A10 LANDING WAYPOINT. A-10 (RTB) Last night i was on 104th, by mistake i click "change waypoint" button, ( i was on RTB mode, and my landing waypoint changed..... the first thing that came to my mind was ...."ok....what happened here"??!!!! Every base is selectable on landing waypoints. No number indicator like SU25T, so u dont know exactly where are u going to land. If u know the map, you will be ok. AIR REFUEL ONLINE. we tested and we dont see any limitations. so far. ----------------------- i dream since lock
  2. i know, the new patch, fixed this. last night i was on 104th server, and i couldnt refuel inside. engines not started. no refuel. engines started. then off. then refuel order. negative answer. Wags was testing the Ka on 104th, but he was really concentrated on that issue. Please confirm if refuel is working or not (inside hangar). readme of patch says its possible. i couldnt, i try maybe 20 times under dif. circunstances. Tailpipe, Lava and a couple of guys confirmed the issue. thx.
  3. since the new patch, me and my teammates, having problems with ALT -TAB. Me on win7, when i go back to FC, i get flashing water. no possible recovery of texture. must restart. Friends, on win xp, crash. In Fc 2.0, without patch all worked FLAWLESS. Any ideas, any possible workaround. Much aprecciated.:smilewink:
  4. MAF, La falta de camaraderia, la forma en que te dirigiste a unas personas que solamente trataron de ayudarte y colaborar,son las razones. Todo eso lo realizaste amparandote bajo el titulo de que eres piloto del ECV56. Tanto Mistral, como Legolasindar, no son del staff de ED, eso no quita, que el trato que deban recibir sea distinto al de cualquier persona. Ambos, tienen varios años de experiencia aqui en lockon.ru y con lockon, justamente son conocidos en la comunidad por su solidaridad. Tampoco amerita que desenfundes toda tu ira, y tus improperios, porque nadie ha teni
  5. @ ESA_Mistr@l, Legolasindar, al Escuadron San Andres y a quien corresponda. Primero que nada, me gustaria disculparme publicamente aqui y donde corresponda, por los dichos fuera de lugar de un """"""""piloto""""""" que se encuentra desde hace muy poco tiempo en el ECV56 Condor. Estoy hablando de los dichos de "lvl4f". En segundo lugar, lvl4f, deberias pasar por el ECV56 Condor, aqui te dejo el link, http://www.ecv56condor.com.ar y RE-LEER y VOLVER A RE-LEER las reglas y las normas de NUESTRA COMUNIDAD, y por sobre todo ENTENDER , que ademas de NUESTRA CAMARADERIA, puertas adentro, C
  6. +1 i was trying ( with help of friends) to understand what is needed to change in order to make 0.94 compatible with PHP tacview, but we officially abandon, cause we dont know WHAT to change. if someone, is interested in make it hapen. Much aprecciated.
  7. the best workaround is to map "M" for multichat and "Y" for Teamchat. no more problems for me. goodluck.:smilewink:
  8. this is the other workaround for fc to recognize buttons. saiteks control panel OPEN when launching FC. Small tip for x52pro users by goldfinger35. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=41108
  9. yes, because you are RE-programming some special commands that came by default in the hotas STT. like ministick, clutch, etc. im glad you understand. :)
  10. Adder, NEW process is like this (with some JackBAuer tips) I will make a short tutorial maybe this week. 1-get your saitek profile editor. new profile. delete 5 (five, not six.) columns. 2- on the ONE you have now, RIGHT CLICK, on "MODE 1" (its in BLUE), so, right click, and CHOOSE, "NO BUTTON". Then "THE BLUE MODE 1" button will dissapear from there. 3- now you can use this profile with just 1 column, to make whatever you need in FC to make the controls work. 4- you can change rotarys, ministick, even CLUTCH and assign them to SUPPORT. 5- now every button on your hotas will be de
  11. yes Sarge, me too, thanks to SFJackBauer tips i was able to SET ALL FROM FC. im using ministick for TDC inside FC, also PINKIE is set as MODIFIER inside FC. STT is used with just 1 column, with SWITCH/MODE 1 DESELECTED (JackBauer tip, right click and deselect.), and the mouse wheel instead of BUTTON, i set it to SUPPORT, and then set to TV ZOOM inside FC. if i have some free time i will try to make a simple tutorial from scratch. :)
  12. great !! will check. you are right about the ministick. thx a lot.:thumbup:
  13. thx for advice Panzertard. let me see what can i do. right now, rivatuner with schedule fan monitoring. AA at 8qx. temps seem to be better. but to be sure, ill be testing all i can. thx again. :thumbup: btw. 8gb ocz reaper. im pretty sure is not a mem prob. my bets go to GPU temp.
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